Art Enables | Shawn Payne & Charlie Visconage Shawn & Charlie’s Shoetopia

By Editorial Team on December 4, 2023

Sat, November 11 2023 — Sat, January 27 2024

Courtesy of Art Enables.

Visitors are invited to peruse Shawn & Charlie’s Shoetopia, the shoe store of legendary designers Shawn Payne & Charlie Visconage. Anything but ordinary, the “two shoe ingenues” have gained a cult following for their whimsical high-heeled designs, delighting customers worldwide with their bright colors, sparkle, and playful heels shaped like Egyptian pyramids, musical instruments, forks, lips, dollar signs, doughnuts, pizza, Pac-Man, and more. Shawn & Charlie’s landmark store in Washington, DC features the team’s newest fashions as well as inventory representing their most famous designs over the years. Shoe connoisseurs, rejoice.

Art Enables is located at 2204 Rhode Island Ave. NE.