Spotlight SATISFIXATION LLC Perfomance Piece Capital Fringe’s Inaugural Site Specific Program

By Editorial Team on July 16, 2014
Photo courtesy of SATISFIXATION LLC.
Photo courtesy of SATISFIXATION LLC.
 Scheduled performances are July 16-20.


MPCU (Mobile Personal Climatification Unit): 12:30-2:30PM
Locations to include: Walter E Washington Convention Center @ Mount Vernon Square; Blagden Alley NW; Palmer Alley @ City Center

MPSD: (Mobile Personal Suburbanification Unit): 5:00-6:00 PM
Locations: Mount Vernon Square

MPIS (Mobile Personal Illuminification System): 9:00PM-10:00PM
Locations: Fort Fringe—>Massachusetts Ave NW—> Columbus Circle @ Union Station.
Columbus Circle —> Pennsylvania Ave—> North on 12th Street NW—> New York Ave NW—> Fort Fringe

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SATISFIXATION LLC will contribute to Capital Fringe’s Inaugural Site Specific Program through the Mobile Personal Series.

The Mobile Personal Illuminification System (MPIS):

Envisioned as part performance and part everyday travel accessory, the MPIS condenses several basic needs for the urbanite into one dysfunctional device. The piece represents our inability to experience unaltered nature, and our fear of darkness. Additionally, wasted mechanical power from the operator’s efforts in moving the piece, keep this bulky yet attractive work impractical for the modern user.

The Mobile Personal Suburbanification Device (MPSD):

The Mobile Personal Suburbanification Device (MPSD) focuses on the lack of human interaction and existence in a world where our relationship to nature has been replaced by manufactured habitats. The MPSD addresses our basic need for personal space and the compromises we are forced to make to coexist in the contemporary metropolis.

The MPSD is conceived as a series of guerilla performances on city sidewalks. This series of small portable performance sculptures are carried and “deployed” by participants on sidewalks and plazas. There will be a total of 9 MPSD sculptures available for performance by participants. Performers will muster at the designated performance location, engage in a 10­minute orientation that will familiarise you with its operation. Once completed, performers and spectators will have the option to engage in a feedback and Q&A session with the artist. Total participation will range from 45­minutes to 1 hour.