Stamp Gallery Presents In Conversation with TUG Collective: Borders, Corridors, Lines of Desire: Artistic Representations of the Un/marked Migrant

By Editorial Team on April 16, 2019
Courtesy of the Stamp Gallery.
Currently on view.

Borders, Corridors, Lines of Desire is an installation of seven works emerging out of TUG Collective’s three-year engagement with modes of collective life as experienced by individuals and communities across the National Historic Lewis and Clark Trail (USA), a trail forged by an expedition that played an essential role in U.S. territorial, cultural, and economic expansion across the North American continent throughout the 19th Century. Each work breaks into history and exposes the ideological underpinnings of some of the most poetic visions that US-Americans have of themselves as a country founded on the ideals of freedom, democracy, and inclusion. In their talk, TUG Co-Artistic Directors Gaelyn and Gustavo Aguilar will discuss several works from their installation, including ‘A Taco Stand on Every Corner,’ a grid-like network of images, that explores the cognitive dissonance of accepting the food of the racial Other, but rejecting the body.

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