The Stamp Gallery at the University of Maryland Presents New Arrivals 2017 Group Exhibition

By Editorial Team on September 5, 2017

Mon, 28 August 2017 - Sat, 14 October 2017

Kakyoung Lee, Dance, Dance, Dance, 2011, single channel video and drypoint prints, © Kakyoung Lee, courtesy of the artist and RYAN LEE, New York.
Currently on view through October 14, 2017.

This fall the Stamp Gallery at the University of Maryland, College Park, presents New Arrivals 2017, an exhibition of artwork acquired this year by the university’s Contemporary Art Purchasing Program (CAPP). On view August 28 through October 14, 2017, the exhibition features fourteen artworks by nine emerging and mid-career artists. All completed within the last decade, these works examine contemporary experiences of race, gender, class, embodiment, and personal identity. Spanning photography, collage, textile, sculpture, and video, the works explore inclusivity and intersectionality, offering unique visions of human interdependence and vulnerability.

Highlights include:

  • Brooklyn-based artist, archivist, and educator Kameelah Janan Rasheed’s Lower the Pitch of Your Suffering and Take It Like a Man, But Don’t Take It Up With “The Man”—both part of the artist’s “How to Suffer Politely (And Other Etiquette)” series. This pair of prints shows Rasheed’s effort to expose the policing of “suffering, anger, and responses to trauma,” that aims to “ensure that said expressions of suffering do not declare accountable oppressive systems,” as she explains.
  • Baltimore-based artist and composer Paul Rucker’s November 5, 1893 – Savannah, Georgia, a panel of wood gracefully hand-carved by the artist to resemble the body of a cello. Part of Rucker’s “Soundless Series,” the silent sculpture is titled in reference to an event organized against violence, offering hope that prejudices can be overcome.
  • Korean-born, Brooklyn-based Kakyoung Lee’s Dance, Dance, Dance, a single channel video accompanied by ten drypoint prints. Lee’s video, an animation created from a total of 348 of these prints, emphasizes the cathartic experience of repetitive and intensive study, suggesting possible practices of self-care and self-love expressed through meditative motions.
  • Sophia Narrett’s So Many Hopes, a work of embroidery that explores both fantastical and real environments where women actively bond without male presence.
  • Two works from Martine Gutierrez’s “Line Up” series, images that feature the artist photographed together with six mannequins, staging scenes in which human identity emerges as fluid and shifting, defying stable paradigms of perception.
  • Two works by Washington, DC-based artist Nate Lewis, from his “Tensions and Tapestries” series. Lewis, a registered critical care nurse, creates hand-sculpted photo paper prints that reimagine physical biology and the interconnectedness of human bodily systems.
  • A pair of works by Baltimore-based artist Zoë Charlton, part of her “Those Girls” series, collages that exploit strong contrasts between negative space and vivid figures to suggestively probe the limitations of the American Dream.
  • A commissioned ‘rammed-earth’ work by Margaret Boozer, founder of Red Dirt Studios in Mt. Rainier, MD, created with locally sourced earth and stone and installed in the Adele H. Stamp Student Union concurrently with the exhibition.

In association with her works on view in New Arrivals 2017, artist Kameelah Janan Rasheed will visit campus on October 6, 2017, to deliver an artist talk. Rasheed’s work will also be on view in a solo exhibition entitled Unto Itself (open September 14 through October 6, with a reception on September 14, 6-8pm, free and open to the public) in the Herman Maril Gallery at the University of Maryland, College Park. The artist will also create a unique poster installation in the entrance to the university’s Art-Sociology Building (where the Maril Gallery is located).

After New Arrivals 2017 closes, the artworks will be installed in the study spaces, lounges, and corridors of the Adele H. Stamp Student Union—Center for Campus Life for the daily study, inspiration, and enjoyment of students, staff, faculty, and visitors.

Gallery Hours:

  • Mondays–Thursdays: 10am to 8pm
  • Fridays: 10am to 6pm
  • Saturdays: 11am to 4pm

The Stamp Gallery at the University of Maryland is located at 1220B Adele H. Stamp Student Union, University of Maryland, College Park, MD. For more information visit