Strathmore Visual Arts Presents the 25th Annual Colored Pencil Society of America International Exhibition and Emily Hoxworth and Rose Jaffe Blush

By Editorial Team on June 28, 2017

Wed, 21 June 2017 - Sun, 06 August 2017

Photo courtesy of Strathmore Visual Arts.
Currently on view.

118 artists from eight countries demonstrate the sophistication, intricacy, complexity of colored pencils.

About 25th Annual Colored Pencil Society of America International Exhibition
The two types of colored pencils—wax or oil-based—generate boundless possibilities in this showcase of exquisite, intricate, colored pencil-based fine art. Juried by Joanne Moser, senior curator of graphic arts at the Smithsonian American Art Museum (1986-2016), the exhibition features works from 37 states and eight countries, as far away as Japan, New Zealand, and Malaysia. Works in the exhibition range from landscapes to portraiture, still life, and life studies with colored pencil used in a range of applications and styles. Some of the works are photorealistic, where others show the artist’s hand more readily, through shading and pencil strokes. The totality of the exhibition is a statement that colored pencil has truly come into its own as an art medium.

The precision of participating artists is perhaps best expressed through the piece “Times Square, NYC” by Anzhelika Doliba. The unbelievably detailed snapshot of a frenetic New York streetscape demands the artist be a master of life drawing to capture the crowd of people, a superb draftsman to convey the architecture, an interpreter of light and shadow, and an expert in scale and composition, with intention behind every stroke. Every artist in the 25th Annual Colored Pencil Society of America International Exhibition employs a keen aptitude and sensitivity that has them operating at the pinnacle of their craft.

In the Invitational Gallery—Blush
Washington, DC artists Emily Hoxworth and Rose Jaffe engage in a dialogue about feminism and the female form using bold, bright colors and freeform shapes to explore and celebrate the body through a feminist lens.

Engaging with and questioning her conservative upbringing, Emily Hoxworth explores the cultural archetypes that have shaped her perception of relationships, gender roles, and sexuality through drawing, painting, and sculptural works. Hoxworth confronts the traditional notion of the female nude represented as an object of beauty. Inspired by dance, color association, and gender, the female form takes on fluid, abstract shapes. She explores the power and associations of pinks and reds, and also experimented for the first time with fabric and wool, referencing sexuality through choice of material.

A prominent DC muralist, Rose Jaffe is an illustrator and painter whose work often explores themes of political activism and female empowerment. At Strathmore, she captures women in varying states of existence—whether it be in a resting pose or dancing in a knot with a community of sisters. Jaffe photographs her subjects and translates their essence or likeness into paintings—playing with contour line, shape, and form. Individuals are juxtaposed against flowers and geometric shapes to help tell or illustrate their stories.

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