Strathmore Visual Arts Presents Surfacing Group Exhibition

By Editorial Team on February 18, 2019
Artwork, L–R: Rosebud by Julia Clouser, Niagara Falls 1 by Eddy Aldana, Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado by Kim Llerena, Waterfall by Veronica Melendez, Desert Hot Springs, California by Kim Llerena, Niagara Falls Lake by Eddy Aldana.
Opening Reception: Thursday, February 28 at 7pm

This exhibition features four regional photographers who intersect in their approach to surface. Representational and abstract, static and moving: the works explore our perception of planes and depth in the two-dimensional image. The title, Surfacing, is also a double entendre, referring to the moment a photograph emerges from chemical bath in the traditional photo printing process. While the works on display were captured with digital cameras, each piece creates the same mystery and surprise that accompanies the reveal of an image.

Artists Kim Llerena and Veronica Melendez capture found images within landscapes and cityscapes that interrupt our perception of depth. Eddy Aldana and Julia Clouser present abstract images that leave the viewer unanchored by any sense of depth or orientation. Together, the works challenge the viewer to think about surface, both depicted and tangible.


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