Studio Gallery June 2022 Exhibitions: Deborah Addison Coburn, Joanne Levine, Wayne Paige & Harriet Lesser

By Editorial Team on May 23, 2022

Wed, 25 May 2022 - Sat, 18 June 2022

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Go With The Glow by Deborah Addison Coburn

Deborah Addison Coburn: For No Good Reason
No concept, no cause, just painting.

Triangle by Joanne Levine

Joanne Levine: Earthworks
“Earthwork”: n. a work of art made by altering an area of land or a natural geographic feature, especially on a large scale.

This show celebrates the earthworks created by farmers and others who labor on the land. Nature provides their raw materials: the Earth itself becomes the canvas; and soil and plants in shades of gold, tan, brown, and green become the paint. When they select and plant crops, plow furrows, or leave behind their vehicles’ tread marks, humans wield paint brushes to create the fundamental elements of art: color, line, and composition. The result is a transformation of nature into works of art – waiting to be discovered by anyone looking for beauty in unexpected places – and to be captured by the camera.

Bench After The Rain by Thierry Guillemin

Thierry Guillemin: Closer to Home
As Covid lingers and another war started, exposing once more the brutality of the human species when it is hypnotized by greed or hatred, I dedicate this work to the possibility of peace and to the profound connection one can feel with the world when the stillness of nature is also experienced within, when we can let go of the noise of our boisterous and belligerent selves.

Like a Coda to my 2021 show “When Time Stops”, these paintings are another invitation to pause, to breathe and be grateful for the gift and wonder of life. All places represented here are dear to my heart and “closer to home”, either in Maryland or Northern Virginia.

All artist proceeds from sales of these paintings will be donated to war relief organizations.

A Recent Encounter With A Previous Encounter by Wayne Paige

Wayne Paige: Be Careful What You Wished For
“The Digital Age has brought upon us a binary kaleidoscope fog blanketing both perception and reality. I think of my artwork as not only beyond the fog, but also behind the curtain of technology. “Wayne Paige creates dream-like drawings and paintings which feature mythical but familiar landscapes of mountains, waterways, and woodlands inhabited by expressive silhouette-like figures that seem to pulsate with energy and inner light. The artist deploys elements of science fiction, humor, and visionary imagery to slyly comment on digital technology’s transformation of our psychic landscape. To depict these scenes, Paige uses a pointillist style of mark-making, recalling the work of artist George Seurat while also referencing the pixelation of digital imagery.

In the drawings featured in this exhibition, Paige’s characters are in the midst of crisis, as a celestial armada and its invading forces attempt to colonize their lands and entice the unsuspecting inhabitants with gifts of digital devices. Wayne Paige has been an exhibiting artist since the early 1970’s. He has been the subject of twenty-five solo exhibitions and has been included in numerous gallery and museum exhibitions at venues such as The Corcoran Art Gallery, The Anderson Gallery, and The Katzen Arts Center. Paige studied at The University of Illinois (BFA Painting), The George Washington University (MFA Painting), and The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (TICA). Currently, he teaches art at Lord Fairfax Community College in Warrenton and works and resides in Washington, DC.”

Silicone Valley 1 by Harriet Lesser

Harriet Lesser: Silicone Hills and Valleys
Playing with form and depth, Harriet Lesser presents silicone sculptures mimicking the shapes of hills and valleys.

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