Studio Gallery Presents Deborah Addison Coburn One Family

By Editorial Team on October 2, 2018

Wed, 03 October 2018 - Sat, 27 October 2018

Deborah Addison Coburn, One Family, charcoal & collage on paper mounted on canvas, 52″ x 40″. Courtesy of Studio Gallery.
First Friday: Friday, October 5 from 6pm to 8pm
Reception: Saturday, October 13 form 4pm to 6pm
Closing Reception: Saturday, October 27 from 4pm to 6pm

In her new exhibition One Family, Deborah Addison Coburn steps away from abstraction to present a collection of portraits, drawn from treasured family photographs, in celebration of America’s diverse immigrant heritage.

As a daughter, even a great-great-granddaughter, of people who came to the United States by choice, she was moved to respond to the antipathy being expressed lately toward immigrants. Members of her own family and others like them died because they could not find refuge when conditions in their countries became lethal.

The families featured are, admittedly, not drawn from a broad cross-section of Americans; they are from Coburn’s circle of family, friends and online acquaintances, in hopes of conveying the richness and diversity that immigrants contribute to this country; diversity which should be celebrated, not feared.