Studio Gallery Presents Myth and Memory Group Exhibition

By Editorial Team on November 28, 2022

Wed, 23 November 2022 - Sat, 17 December 2022

Primary Memory by Jennifer Duncan
Opening reception: Saturday, December 3 from 4-6 pm
Closing reception: Saturday, December 17 from 4-6 pm

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Myth and Memory
A Winter All Members Exhibit
We form memories continuously throughout our lives, consolidating them over time into broad understandings of the world around us. Collectively they become our sacred stories, parts of us, indeed what defines us. The combined memories of a group or culture – often mixtures of fact and fantasy – become the lessons and the wisdom of that group, sometimes in the form of legends or myths. Myths can be suffused by the supernatural, the unreal. But they are real to us in important ways. They establish and perpetuate cherished traditions, traditions that will nourish us throughout life and on into the next generation.

This Winter All Members Exhibit will showcase works taken from their collective of 60+ local artists, and will be curated by Carolee Jakes and Sabiha Iqbal.


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