Studio Gallery Presents September Exhibitions

By Editorial Team on September 8, 2016

Sat, 10 September 2016 - Sat, 24 September 2016

Photo courtesy of Studio Gallery.
Photo courtesy of Studio Gallery.


Artists Reception: Saturday, September 10 from 4pm to 6pm


Solo Exhibition:
Freda Lee-McCann Spirit of the Mountain
August 16, 2016
September Events August 31 – September 24, 2016
Traditional Chinese landscapes have been modified here in a new dimension with integrating calligraphy and small thumbnails. This multi-layer process is not part of the traditional Chinese painting process. The writings I selected are poems by an 11th century scholar artist Mei-Fu, and some are by my great uncle, Jen Yuan-Tao (1890-1990), a scholar and a general.

Duo Exhibition:
Carol Jakes Magic Chef
A photograph shot from a hotel window is the source for this series of paintings and prints.

Lisa Allen Multiverse
This series of black and white film photography consists of modern day images of diverse locations with a vintage and otherworldly feeling.

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