Studio SoHy Presents Ted Kliman A Ted Kliman Retrospective: From Darkness to Light

By Editorial Team on July 5, 2016

Sat, 09 July 2016 — Tue, 09 August 2016

Agoniste II by Ted Kliman.
Agoniste II by Ted Kliman.


Opening Reception: Saturday, July 9 at 7pm


Studio SoHy presents the work of Ted Kliman, a nationally acclaimed painter whose final series incorporates influences from da Vinci, El Greco, Kollwitz, and the surrealists, in A Ted Kliman Retrospective: From Darkness to Light, that opens July 9th.

Mr. Kliman, a Greenbelter who died in 2009, was a contemporary master, and he continues to live on through his remarkable art, which hangs in more than 200 museums, galleries, and private collections around the country and the world.

The posthumous exhibit will include the soaring, haunting canvasses for which the artist was primarily known, as well as prints, drawings, and etchings, and several phases of his prolific, 30-year career will be represented.

In addition, the exhibition space will feature an installation of Mr. Kliman’s easel, chair, and lights, along with a table of his notebooks and writings, in an effort to give viewers a glimpse of the meticulous process behind the work.

The opening night reception begins at 7 pm. There will be Hooper Island oysters via Ivy City Smokehouse, DC’s best fish market; smoked chicken wings from KBQ Real Barbecue, one of the area’s premier barbecue restaurants; wines and cocktails curated by noted sommelier, mixologist, and wine writer Jason Tesauro; craft beers from Franklins Brewpub; and DJ Homer Twigg spinning jazz on turntable from the years 1946-1968, and the mood will be celebratory and affirming.

The artist’s son, Todd Kliman, will speak and read from his forthcoming book, Happiness Is Otherwise, a memoir about his father’s final series, The Lamentations.

Located at the site of the future Arts District Building, 5132 Baltimore Ave., Hyattsville, MD (corner of Baltimore Ave. and Gallatin St.).

For inquiries, contact Bronwyn King: [email protected].