Studio Spotlight at Off-Rhode Gallery Presents ELEMENTAL Group Exhibition

By Editorial Team on February 7, 2017

Sat, 11 February 2017 - Sat, 08 April 2017

Photo courtesy of Off-Rhode Gallery.
Photo courtesy of Off-Rhode Gallery.
Reception: Saturday, February 11 from 1pm to 4pm


Art Enables presents two new exhibitions opening on February 11th, 2017. Water, earth, wind, fire – Art Enables’ resident artists explore these building blocks of the world in the Studio Gallery’s newest group show, ELEMENTAL.

Some pieces are touching, like Toni Lane’s Naptime in which a mother cradles a newborn while a gentle sea rocks the bed they’re resting on. Others take on more serious themes, like Dethaw Cotman’s To Eat is to Be Ate and Imani Turner’s The Snake in the Garden which both explore the Garden of Eden and the struggle against temptation. Some are light-hearted, like Violet Lucas’ reinterpretation of Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus with Family Guy characters. The 25 pieces in ELEMENTAL span mediums, themes, and artists, but like most things, harken back to the elements of the earth.

Studio Spotlight features celebrates the work of three Art Enables’ resident artists – Raymond Lewis, Gary Murrell, and Eileen Schofield.

Raymond, with his gentle and kind soul, creates pieces of art that are full of movement, life, and detail. His work is wide-ranging, with subjects such as sweeping landscapes, unbridled wildlife, and portraits of people and characters both known and unknown. He draws inspiration from the world around him and from his love of comic books and graphic novels. Like Raymond, his work can be subtle and soft-spoken, with a lot going on beneath the surface.

Gary is a man of few words but possesses a calm and gentle presence. A native Washingtonian, Gary is one of Art Enables’ more recent resident artists. His work, largely abstract, possesses, like Gary himself, a warmth and almost Buddha-like quality to them. Heavily layered, his pieces, and the people in them, are both simultaneously complex and simple. His minimalistic style of detailing people and faces evoke a depth of expression and emotion that is immediate and powerful.

Eileen is the social butterfly of the studio… always curious and always welcoming guests to the gallery. Eileen is able to achieve a level of density and color saturation from markers, frequently her medium of choice, that few people can. She’s able to create rich, bold, and expressive work that is distinct and unique, while incorporating characters and figures that give her work personality and spunk.

Guests can meet the artists at the Second Saturday opening on February 11th, 2017, 1 – 4pm. Free and open to the public, with light refreshments provided.

Off-Rhode Gallery is located 2204 Rhode Island Ave NE. For more information, visit