Superfine! – The Fair

By Editorial Team on October 23, 2018

Tickets are available here

Superfine! DC opens on October 31st with a Masquerade Vernissage at Union Market’s Dock 5 event space.

General Admission:

Thursday Nov. 1 from 11am-10pm
Friday Nov. 2 from 11am-10pm
Saturday Nov. 3 from 11am-10pm
Sunday Nov. 4 from 11am-8pm

On October 31st, Washington DC will get the art fair it deserves as Superfine! DC ’s inaugural edition lands at Dock 5 in the Union Market neighborhood. The four-and-a-half-day fair will bring with it countless ways to experience, discover, and collect emerging contemporary art at all price points and levels of experience. 70 unique exhibitions from more than 300 artists, with more than 50% of them being DMV area artists and galleries , make up the inaugural edition of Superfine! DC. What sets Superfine! apart from other art fairs is its commitment to making art accessible by
creating an environment that is welcoming to both experienced collectors as well as people who are interested in art, but haven’t yet purchased a work.

While the fair has a definite focus on building new collectors, even the most dyed-in-the-wool collector is bound to discover something new among the walls and booths of Superfine! DC. Established DC galleries including Washington Post +Washington City Paper top-ranked Touchstone Gallery , and Kensington’s Adah Rose Gallery will bring forth the top faces in DC and global contemporary art alongside nationwide programs including Memphis’ Art Village Gallery , focused solely on contemporary African American artists, and Richmond’s Glave Kocen Gallery which
will exhibit a survey of notable street artists including Mickael Broth.

Other highlights of the fair’s art program include the Heartlandia exhibition, curated by Pittsburgh’s Box Heart Gallery to showcase new contemporary art themes from across North America’s heartland. The fair will also debut its first dedicated photo platform, in advance of FotoDC , called Foto Kaip-Sool , a time capsule of identity politics through the lenses of a diverse body of photographic artists.

A unique quality of Superfine! is the ability for prospective collectors to meet artists one-on-one. The fair’s artist-friendly exhibition platforms will also highlight the work of Washington City Paper’s 2018 top visual artist Sarah Jane Jamison , as well as Superfine! first-time emerging artists like Scott Hutchinson and Dennis Crayon , all of whom hail from the region.

“Debuting at Union Market’s Dock 5 venue was not mere chance ,” says Alex Mitow, founder of Superfine! – The Fair. “We wanted to create an atmosphere that welcomed all strata of DC society; everyone from a lifelong local who just really loves art to a big-time art collector to politicians and their families should find something they love at our fair. I believe the two things that really tie a city together are food and art, and Union Market has both in spades. Any venue that has a Yoko Ono mural on the side, and dozens of incredible food vendors, is okay by me.”

In-Fair Events + Special Programs

Masquerade Vernissage | Co-hosted by Washingtonian
Wednesday 10.31

  • Cotton candy-clad champagne
  • Live mural painting by artists Diana Contreras (Miami), Martin Swift (DC), Mickael Broth (Richmond), Matt Lively (Richmond)
  • Immersive performance art by NYC’s Sylva Dean and Me: the performative experience for the Avant Garde connoisseur.
  • Ethereal harp chords courtesy of Erin Baker
  • “Big kid” trick-or-treat bags w/ artisanal, organic, Swedish candy + partner gifts

Above: Sylva Dean and Me at Superfine! NYC 2018

Art’s Night Out at the Market
Thursday 11.1 ||
7pm – 10pm

  • Discover Union Market’s incredible vendors, then enjoy complimentary access to the fair (w/ stamp or receipt)
  • Funky grooves courtesy of The MOD Orchestra
  • Get up close and personal with an exhibitor base comprised of more than 50% DMV artists and galleries

Young Collectors’ Ice Cream Social | Co-hosted by The Pink Line Project
Friday 11.2 ||
7pm – 10pm

  • Unlimited organic ice cream, courtesy of Union Market vendor Trickling Springs Creamery
  • Funky world beat set by DJ Lalee
  • ARTstagram challenge w/ $500 art spree grand prize
  • Immersive performance of masked characters built from musical instruments, animals & ancient culture by New York’s Dream Caverns

Collectors’ Breakfast Reception
Saturday 11.3 ||
10am – 12pm

  • *Limited to only 100 attendees*
  • Decadent breakfast spread by Union Market vendors
  • Morning cocktails
  • A private look at the entire fair and its over 2,500 artworks

LGBT Art Shorts: Film Series w/ OUTshine Film Festival
Saturday 11.3 ||

  • Short films curated by Miami’s OUTshine Film Festival, centered around LGBT themes and visual art motifs
  • Gourmet popcorn + movie treats for attendees

Ties Not Required / Young Professional Art Mixer
Saturday 11.3 ||
8pm – 10pm

  • Local craft beer tasting by DC favorite 3 Stars Brewing Company
  • Mingle with fellow DC young professionals amongst 2,500+ works of art

UNSETTLED – Presented by Transformer
Saturday 11.3 ||
3pm – 7pm

Transformer presents UNSETTLED – a performance art series curated for Superfine! by Victoria Reis, Founder and Director of Transformer. UNSETTLED features performances by a select group of leading DC based emerging artists – Hoesy Corona, Rex Delafkaran, Maps Glover, Kunj, and Tsedaye Makonnen – who are pushing performance art forward with their innovative interdisciplinary work.

Private Tours*

  • Thursday 11.1 || 2pm – 3pm || ASL guided tour of Superfine! DC for hearing impaired art-lovers, with fair co-director + artist James Miille and Gallaudet University students and faculty
  • Friday 11.2 || 1pm – 2pm || Foto Kaip-Sool guided tour
  • Saturday 11.3 || 1pm – 2pm || DC artists + galleries guided tour
  • Sunday 11.4 || 1pm – 2pm || Heartlandia guided tour

Panels + Discussions

  • Thursday 11.1 || 5:30pm – 6:30pm || The Artists’ Nook: Networking Tactics for Artists

    Client Raiser’s Danielle Glosser offers valuable insight for artists on managing the business side of their art career. Listen in from 5:30-6:30pm for a group talk, following and followed by 1-on-1 artist sessions from 11am to 4pm and 6:45pm to 8pm.

  • Friday 11.2 || 6pm – 7pm || “Art Over Avocado Toast: How to Build a Great Collection on a Millenial’s Budget”

    Local DC art collecting enthusiast Philippa Hughes leads a panel discussion on ways aspiring collectors can bring art into their lives without breaking the bank; additional panelists TBA.

  • Saturday 11.3 || 2pm – 3pm || “The Art District”

    What makes a city truly blossom? A thriving art scene definitely plays a pivotal role, and DC’s movers and shakers are here to tell you about how they’re making it happen in the capital.

  • Sunday 11.4 || 2pm – 3pm || “Who Runs The (Art) World: Girls!”

    An insiders’ look at the ever-evolving role women artists and arts professionals play in the changing market, with local and national female arts luminaries offering fresh, innovative perspectives.

Private collectors’ receptions and tours are available before fair hours each day. Please email for more information.

Above: “Metamorphosis” by Scott Hutchison, booth #49

It’s all about the art. Here are some can’t-miss Superfine! DC exhibitions:

ENTRANCE INSTALLATION /// “Seeing Impossible Color” by Hilary White

Presented in Partnership with Paradigm Gallery (Philadelphia, PA)

Enter Superfine! DC to the multidimensional, omniprismatic works of Hilary White, curated by Sara McCorriston of Philadelphia’s new contemporary stalwart Paradigm Gallery. White uses the concept of impossible colors, the colors that cannot be perceived by humans in normal circumstances, to demonstrate to viewers that they can overcome adversity and start seeing the possibility of what can be beautiful in their lives.

Above: “Revelation” by Hilary White; entrance gate curated project by Paradigm Gallery


  • Led by BoxHeart Gallery, a curated exhibition of new contemporary art from across the country
  • Focus on off-the-beaten-path artists and galleries from outside well-trodden art hubs
  • Highlights include New Orleans’ Antieau Gallery and Houston’s Cindy Lisica Gallery


  • Politically-charged photo time capsule of the here and now
  • Works dealing with gender expression, LGBTQ+ topics, and global socio-political issues
  • Highlights include Ashley G Garner + Lauren Karaman‘s “36-24-36” body positive project, Alexandra Arroyo’s photo chronicle of the Women’s March, and James Miille‘s “Secrets of Suburbia” series on the dark side of the American middle class through an LGBTQ+ lens


  • Top DC area art galleries including Washington City Paper + Washington Post top ranked Touchstone Gallery, Kensington’s Adah Rose Gallery, and DC’s beloved Zenith Gallery
  • Nationwide and global galleries showcasing the freshest trends in contemporary art, including European Design + Art’s survey of Belgian and French pop artists, Memphis’ Art Village Gallery which focuses entirely on African American artists, and a street art-fueled presentation from Richmond’s glave kocen gallery

Above: “They’ll Work it Out” by Gregory Ferrand, courtesy Adah Rose Gallery, booth #36


  • Meet the artists face-to-face and learn about their work, inspiration, and process in person, direct from the source
  • Artwork from the DC area’s most beloved and boundary-pushing artists including Sarah Jane Jamison (Washington City Paper’s top visual artist of 2018), Noel Kassewitz’ climate change-fueled constructs, and Arlington artist Scott Hutchison‘s surreal paintings
  • Global artists from other Superfine! cities including master of the visual trick Aliguori (Miami), as well as global artists including pop surrealist Bruce McGowan (Montreal)


  • SPARROW – Directed by Welby Ings, New Zealand, 15 minutes.

    Sparrow is the beautiful and lyrical story of a little boy who thinks he can fly. However, his life is overshadowed by the legend of his grandfather who died a hero in World War II. But one night he discovers the tale that his father so adamantly clings to, is a lie. His grandfather was a gay man who, seeing the futility of war, deserted in protest when his lover was shot in Egypt. In unraveling the truth behind what happened, the boy discovers the strength to stand up to the bullies in his own world in an unexpected way.

  • SAILORS DELIGHT – Directed by Jonas Ritter, Loucas Rongeart, Louise Aubertin, Eloïse Girard, Amandine Thomoux, and Marine Meneyrol, France, 6 minutes.

    A delight, to be sure, this joyful, animated film takes a fresh look at a tried and true subject…. the siren song of the ocean. A mermaid is going to try to seduce two sailors, but everything is not going to happen as expected, and for us that is a good thing. A hit short at the Cannes Film Festival, Sailors Delight will put a smile on your face!

  • RENDERED SMALL – Directed by Louis Cherry and Marsha Gordon, USA, 15 minutes.

    Take a tour of the over 1,200 American folk art buildings on display in Steve Burken and Randy Campbell’s private collection, located in Hillsborough, North Carolina. These diminutive churches, movie theaters, houses, schools, factories, bowling alleys, and more were made during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries out of materials ranging from meticulously detailed tin and wood, to cigar and Velveeta boxes. The collectors have added on to their home multiple times in order to accommodate their continuously growing body of small structures. Over the course of the film, the caretakers of this impressive assemblage discuss their fascination and share what it is like to live in their world as the viewer experiences the visual wonder of their collection.

  • IARA – Directed by Erika Santos and Cássio Pereira Dos Santos, Brazil, 14 minutes, In Portuguese with English subtitles.

    Iara, a beautiful young woman, sometimes described as having green hair, light brown or copper-colored skin (as that of an Indigenous Amerindian from Brazil) and brown eyes, connected to a fish body…typically thought of as a Mermaid. When she felt a man around she would start to sing gently to lure him. Once under the spell of the Iara, a man would leave his family to live with her underwater forever. Iara is a free interpretation of this old tale, but this time with a Sapphic twist.

  • THE PHANTASMAGORIA OF OFFENSE: THE MALE VERSION – Directed by Jess Irish, USA, 7 minutes

    The Phantasmagoria of Offense is an animated film lyric about the costs of image suppression. In the “male version” corporal images focus on the male body, presenting a collage history that contrasts the cultural anxieties around expressions of vulnerability and homosexuality with power and privilege within the dominant paradigm. The political ramifications of image suppression during the AIDS crisis in the 1980s is questioned alongside the well-intended requests for “trigger warnings.” If there is a take away message, it is that censorship is not an abstraction. It has a body count.

Curious about OUTshine? Visit their website and learn more about their twin festivals in Fort Lauderdale and Miami, Florida.



Cindy Lisica Gallery | Houston, TX
Monochrome Collective | Washington, DC
Most Wanted Fine Art | Pittsburgh, PA
BoxHeart Gallery | Pittsburgh, PA
Antieau Gallery | New Orleans, LA
ArtShape Mammoth | Burlington, VT
Pure Artistry Works | Philadelphia, PA
Walton Gallery | Petersburg, VA
Sean Christopher Ward | Wichita, KS
Gallery O on H | Washington, DC


Zenith Gallery | Washington, DC
Touchstone Gallery | Washington, DC
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glave kocen gallery | Richmond, VA
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Foundry Gallery | Washington, DC
Adah Rose Gallery | Kensington, MD
Susan Calloway Fine Arts | Washington, DC


Jeremiah Morris | Mount Crawford, VA
Lori Cuisinier | New York, NY
Alexandra Aroyo | New York, NY
The 36-24-36 Project | Brooklyn, NY
James Miille | Brooklyn, NY


Brooke Rogers | Ocean City, MD
Julio Valdez | New York, NY
Svetlana Nelson | Madison, AL
Daniel Stuelpnagel | Baltimore, MD
Rogelio Maxwell | Washington, DC
Virago | New York, NY
Bruce McGowan | Montreal, Quebec, CA
JJ Galloway | Annapolis, MD
Deming King Harriman | Brooklyn, NY
Noel Kassewitz | Washington, DC
Kelly Moeykens | Washington, DC
Olan Quattro | Washington, DC
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Emma Repp | Seattle, WA
Sheila Cahill | Washington, DC
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Julie Christenberry | Washington, DC
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