Susan Calloway Fine Arts Presents Judith Vivell and Jim Perry Pas de Deux

By Editorial Team on August 31, 2018

Sat, 08 September 2018 - Sat, 06 October 2018

Glissade III by Jim Perry and The Taj by Judith Vivell. Courtesy of Susan Calloway Fine Arts.
Opening Reception: Saturday, September 8 from 5pm to 7pm

Pas de Deux will be Judith Vivell and Jim Perry’s first joint exhibition at Susan Calloway Fine Arts. Perry’s sweeping geometric forms echo Judith’s broad brush strokes and the arcs and curves of her compositions. The title, Pas de Deux – a synchronized dance between two people – acknowledges this dynamic relationship, as the the individual works provoke a dialogue and visual exchange throughout the show.

Jim Perry received a BA in sculpture from Bard College, where he studied with sculptor Jake Grossberg and painters Murray Reich and Jim Sullivan. He began his sculpture career in the early 1970s in New York City where he exhibited extensively, and in 1975 was included in the Whitney Biennial. In addition to his work as an artist, Jim had a 28-year career as a graphics editor at The New York Times. He left The Times in 2008 to return to making sculpture full time.

Judith Vivell was born in California, attended the University of California at Berkeley where she received her BA in Art History. In 1971 she received a Master’s degree in painting from Hunter College, where she studied with Ray Parker. For the first part of her career Vivell was an abstractionist, working with mixed media, but always tethered to the real world. Then, in 2000, she began working in a fully figurative style. This most recent body of work marks a return to that early abstractionist style, with a focus on monumentality through form.

“I am fascinated by forms that are both mathematical, like parabolas or spirals, and that also appear in nature, like waves or flight trajectories. In my sculpture, I take the basic principles inherent in these forms and interpret and play with them, allowing each piece to evolve in an intuitive way. I use a process of accretion, creating pieces through multiple layers of wood. By varying the thickness and angle of each layer in minute increments, I make shapes that curve and twist, that both contain and activate space. Through this process, I am striving to pare down form to its fundamental essence.” -Jim Perry

“For me it has been a very long and delightful journey in search of something I have no good word for, but let’s for the moment call it monumentality. I have always wanted to make something the viewer would recognize immediately—recognize as important, powerful, even transcendent. The various styles and genres I have used over the years have served as my means of transportation on this journey. Today, I am painting non-objective abstractions for the first time since I had my first art studio in a loft on Forsyth Street, Of course. these new abstractions are nothing like the ones I was making then. But they are informed, not just by that work, but by all the work I have done between that time and this present moment.The way I pick a title for the work is that I let the piece tell me something about itself when it is agreed between us that there is no more to be done. Once we are in agreement–the piece and I–the title appears from a poem, or a myth, or a song.” -Judith Vivell

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