Susan Calloway Fine Arts Presents Lindsay Mullen Speaking Layers

By Editorial Team on March 28, 2017

Fri, 31 March 2017 - Sat, 29 April 2017

Layered Light, Oil on canvas, 2016, 38 x 22, by Lindsay Mullen. Courtesy of Susan Calloway Fine Arts.
Layered Light, Oil on canvas, 2016, 38 x 22, by Lindsay Mullen. Courtesy of Susan Calloway Fine Arts.


Opening Reception: Friday, March 31 from 6pm to 8pm


In Lindsay Mullen’s new paintings for Susan Calloway Fine Arts, mental markings, internal snap shots and colliding landscapes breathe life into layers on canvas. Time, light, and experience inspire constantly changing interpretations — an angsty, yet bizarrely tranquil questioning of “This American Life.”

Born in St. Albans, Hertfordshire, Mullen is celebrated as a post-impressionist artist in her native United Kingdom and is closely associated with the island of Menorca, where she has lived and worked for most of her adult life. An accomplished colorist, influenced by Turner and Monet, her palette and compositions reveal a refined sensitivity to the light and climate of the various locations in which she has lived and worked.

Mullen’s interest in art and passion for exploring the world around her started early. After studying under Arnold Van Pragg at St. Albans School of Art and Jonathan Trowell at West Surrey College of Art and Design, she graduated in 1979 with a BA honors degree in fine art. A scholarship from the Royal Academy enabled her to continue her studies on the mediterranean island of Menorca, Spain. During this period she won numerous painting awards for work that now hangs in the Museum of Menorca, Consell Insular de Menorca and many public and private collections. Mullen is currently living and working from her studio in the Observatory Circle neighborhood of NW Washington DC. She has exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibits throughout the world and Speaking Layers is her second exhibition in the United States. Later this year, she’ll be exhibiting in London, United Kingdom followed by Munich in the spring of 2018.

In today’s busy world, finding time to honor the simple beauty that surrounds us proves challenging to so many. One’s senses lose clarity in a sea of excess colour, noise and input. Living most of my life in relative isolation on the island of Menorca has allowed me the unique opportunity to work in a quiet, peaceful and meditative space with very few distractions. I focus on creating work that both captures my eye and enters my soul, so that a palpable inspiration has no choice but to emerge and be shared with others.

For me, the work is about harnessing that fleeting moment which causes one to linger. The themes I choose are derived from an external starting point, interpreted through imagination and notes in my studio, and result in a painted surface. The finished work is intended to draw the observer into a meditative, magical space where light and colour merge into visceral sensations and the viewer is encouraged to finish the story however they choose. For the first time in many years, I am living in an urban environment, drawing new inspiration from the exciting challenges this intense world presents.

The work is a study of spatial elements colliding with fragments of time, their unavoidable influences upon each other and ultimately upon my own life. Physically and emotionally, there’s a progression in their portrayal, from a quieter, lighter, softer, Mediterranean existence to a broodier, tougher, politically and emotionally polarizing landscape of today’s America. Recent somber societal moments have awoken within me a deeper desire to express, on canvas, what this precise time and space feels like to a virtual outsider.

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