Susan Calloway Fine Arts Presents Psychology Behind the Paint featuring David Bell

By Editorial Team on October 22, 2015

Fri, 23 October 2015 - Sat, 28 November 2015

Number 12, 50 x  70, by David Bell. Courtesy of  Susan Calloway Fine Arts.
Number 12, 50 x 70, by David Bell. Courtesy of Susan Calloway Fine Arts.


Opening Reception: Friday, October 23 from 6pm to 8pm


Washington artist David Bell has been a creative presence in Georgetown for 25 years.

A fine arts major at Bennington College in Vermont, Bell started his professional career as a painter while still in his early teens. New York art dealer and ad executive William F. Herrick was so captivated by his paintings that he started representing the young artist, selling his works throughout New England. David credits Herrick with teaching him to “paint every day, perfect your craft.”

Having always been attracted to the patina of age, Bell segued into the antiques business. He opened his eponymous store in Georgetown soon after his arrival in DC, applying his exceptional eye to this new medium. Unbeknownst to most of his retail clients, Bell continued producing his bold abstract paintings for designers over the years and his work has been featured in numerous newspapers and design publications. Bell’s stylistic range spans a wide spectrum, but his signature strength and earthiness is always present. He finds beauty in the rough and raw juxtaposed with the smooth and perfect – what he calls “visual friction.”

Artist Statement
My paintings are meant to be architectural and structural in their own right. I want them to be the bones of the room, physically impacting one’s sense of space.

I often paint with my fingers, mixing oil stick, earth, clay, and gesso in with the pigment. Sensory experience of the medium connects me to the work in a way that cannot be achieved with a brush. Because of this tactile connection, I view paintings as dynamic and evolving, not static. I often return to a painting weeks or months later and add something or take something away. Working with a piece over time creates dramatic differences in texture that give the painting new life as the light changes over the course of a day. For me, it is the dimension in layers of paint that my eye finds most beautiful.

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