Takoma Park Community Center Presents Fluid Dynamics Group Exhibition

By Editorial Team on May 7, 2018

Thu, 10 May 2018 - Sun, 08 July 2018

Photo courtesy of Takoma Park Community Center.
Opening: Thursday, May 10 at 7pm

Fluid Dynamics is a group exhibition that will fill the galleries of the Takoma Park Community Center with artwork by four professional artists, including Jacqui Crocetta, Farhad Heidarian, Brendan L. Smith, and Clare Winslow. Their work is intimately connected by fluidity of motion in their creative execution and the flowing nature of the materials used in their work. Fluid dynamics is a scientific term relating to the movement of liquids, but it’s also an apt characterization for these artists’ fluid and dynamic artwork.

The exhibition also will feature artwork by the Mo County ALL STARS, a group of youth with life challenges who are supported by the Montgomery County Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health.

The Takoma Park Community Center is located at 7500 Maple Ave.