Takoma Park Community Center Presents Kristina King, David Mosher, and Chrissy Wilkin The Beauty of Decay

By Editorial Team on January 29, 2019
Detail of Yellow Room by David Mosher. Courtesy of the City of Takoma Park.
On view until Tuesday, March 5, 2019.

In our consumer society that disposes everything that isn’t new, decay is a scary word, conjuring thoughts of obsolescence, advancing age, and death. But decay can be beautiful as shiny metal rusts and abandoned buildings crumble. Death is an inevitable part of life that can be denied but not avoided. Three local artists will explore these themes in The Beauty of Decay, a new group exhibition at the Takoma Park Community Center.

Kristina King crafts handmade paper riddled with holes and fraying edges to explore decay and fragility. David Mosher photographs himself in deteriorating buildings, evoking scenes of melancholy and neglect. Drawing from personal loss, Chrissy Wilkin’s paintings offer mandalas that show life coming full circle, revealing how we continue to live in spirit even after death.

Takoma Park Community Center is located at 7500 Maple Ave, Takoma Park, MD.