Target Gallery Presents Turning Tides

By Editorial Team on August 1, 2022

Sat, 23 July 2022 - Sun, 11 September 2022



Opening Reception: Friday, August 12 at 7 p.m.

New Torpedo Factory Art Center Exhibition Confronts Climate Change .

The group exhibition in Target Gallery, the Torpedo Factory Art Center’s contemporary exhibition space , explores the effects of climate change in Turning Tides. Visitors to Turning Tides will experience themes of fear, grief, and resiliency over the looming environmental impacts of human interference.

This all-media exhibition features 20 artists, with 7 from the greater DC metropolitan region.

Participating artists are:

Rachel Cole, Brooklyn, NY;
Chris Combs, Washington, DC
Katie Ione Craney, Haines, AK
Pam Eichner, Silver Spring, MD
JohnnyEveryman, Philadelphia, PA
Maggie Golightly Haslam, Alexandria, VA
Caroline Hatfield, Starkville, MS
Susan Hoffman-Fishman, West Hartford, CT
Katie Kehoe, Richmond, VA
Ivy Kim, Crested Butte, CO
Syd Lewin, Richmond, VA
David Mann, Leesburg, VA
Isabella Merlos, Arlington, VA
Sarah Nance, Dallas, TX
Regina Quinn, Gilboa, NY
Eric Rivera-Barbeito, Richmond, VA
MichaelAngelo Rodriguez, Washington, DC
Jeff Schofield, Pontiac, MI
Meredith Starr, Plainview, NY
Ann Stoddard, Adelphi, MD


Philadelphia-based artist, Diane Burko juried this exhibition from artists from around the country. Burko’s art practice revolves around environmental awareness, or as she describes, “the intersection of art and the environment,” where climate change is a central theme.

Burko states, “I was blown away by the breadth and depth of material, intellectual, and emotional approaches. Artists investigate, mourn, rage, and practice—practice healthier and more beautiful relations to the planet in the very process of making their work. I feel deeply inspired by this multifaceted engagement. I will surely take some of this vigor towards my own work, and I hope the audience and artists involved will learn from each other and care for each other in our collective struggle.”

JohnnyEveryman’s “FEMA Flood Map- Alexandria, VA” is a LED lightbox that displays flood zones in Alexandria and where the viewer stands is marked in red, illustrating FEMA’s projections of a near future where the gallery, Torpedo Factory Art Center, and Alexandria waterfront will be underwater.

Detroit-based artist Jeff Schofield’s “apothecary jar series” shows a series of human hair presented in a doll-house, as if, according to Schofield, “displaying family heirlooms.” The presentation is both unsettling and familiar, exploring the detritus that we naturally leave behind, filling our spaces, down our drains, and into our water streams. It also documents how the health of our hair and bodies is a direct reflection of our environments.

Meredith Starr’s “I’ve Always Wanted Blonde Hair” is a part of the artist’s Balancing Act series which is comprised of found objects and debris at the beach, reconfigured, and positioned by the artist in a temporary precarious position that is naturally and quickly destroyed by the wind or tide. Viewers can activate the piece through augmented reality technology, which shows the piece in motion before its destruction.  

Turning Tides is on view through Sunday, September 11, 2022. Torpedo Factory Art Center will host a reception in Target Gallery on Friday, August 12, at 7 p.m. A digital catalogue will also be viewable by July 30 at Torpedo Factory Art Center and Target Gallery are open daily from 10am – 6pm. Visit for our event early closures hours.  

About the Juror
Diane Burko
works at the intersection of art, science and the environment with an artistic practice that is devoted to bringing the challenges of climate change to light through her artistic practice as well as her public engagement activity.  Having spent over four decades exploring monumental and geological phenomena in a wide range of works from painting to photography to video, in 2006 she decidedly began devoting herself exclusively to the exploration of environmental issues. Her artworks integrate experiences of on-location explorations, interactions with scientists in their labs and research data all resolved into captivating climate-conscious works that encourage critical thinking about the role humans are having on the environment.

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