Terzo Piano Presents Helen Frederick SANJEEVANI, From Here to There

By Editorial Team on November 8, 2021

Fri, 12 November 2021 - Sun, 23 January 2022

Helen Frederick, Sanjeevani (Red), 2021. Pulp paper painting with drawing and collage. 24” x 42”.
Opening: Friday, November 12 at 5pm
Extended to January 23, 2022


Terzo Piano is pleased to present SANJEEVANI, From Here to There, an exhibition of work by Helen Frederick. The show features a wide variety of works, including paintings, drawings, constructions, prints, and handmade artist books, as well as techniques in which Frederick is a key innovator, hand papermaking and pulp painting. The exhibition opens November 12, 2021 and closes January 9, 2022 extended to January 23.

Helen Frederick was born in Pottstown, Pennsylvania in 1945, and has had more than 100 exhibitions. She is a distinguished educator, professor emerita at the School of Art, George Mason University, and an artist-curator, with degrees from Rhode Island School of Design. Her works are held by over 45 international public and private collections. She lives in Silver Spring, Maryland, where she directs Reading Road Studio, a collaborative atelier for works in and on paper.

From the artist’s statement;

“Sanjeevani” reveals my long standing engagement with ideas of suspended time, the ecological, the existential, and the construction and destruction of places, images, and words.

In Hinduism, Sanjeevani … is a magical herb which has the power to cure serious nervous system disorders. It is believed that medicines prepared from this herb could revive the patient in any situations where death is almost certain. The herb is mentioned in the Ramayana when Lakshmana fell unconscious, near death, and Hanuman approached the Royal Physician of Lanka, Sushena for advice. Sushena asked Hanuman to rush to the Dronagiri Hills, on the slopes of the Himalayas, and fetch four plants: Sanjeevani is the most important …. Hanuman could not identify the herb thus lifted the whole mountain and brought it to the battlefield in Lanka. After healing Lakshmana, the men went back to war.

This epic parable relates to our vaccination for COVID where in our highly developed technological times we have found a preventative for the viral infection and death. And yet, we keep going on with dangerous behaviors, violent acts, and perpetuating damage to our environment.

“Sanjeevani” will be supplemented by the publication of a limited edition, full-color monograph with essays by Jan Howard, Katherine Blood, Vesela Stretenovic, and Buzz Spector. A video interview will be published during the exhibition’s run.

Exhibition Details:

  • Exhibition Dates: November 12, 2021 – January 23, 2022

Gallery Hours:

  • Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: by appointment, RSVP on their website
  • Saturday and Sunday, open 12–5, no appointment required

Admission to the gallery is free and open to the public. Masks required.

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