The Arcanists Presents SHRINES

By Editorial Team on March 15, 2021

Sun, 21 March 2021 - Sun, 25 April 2021

Courtesy of The Arcanists.
On View: March 21 – April 25, 2021

The Arcanists, creators of the cult-hit interactive variety show The Tarot Reading announce a new program, SHRINES, led by multi-award winning scenic and costume designer Deb Sivigny (she/her).

SHRINES is a set of six art installations. Each one is unique, site-specific, interactive and entirely free.

From March 21 through April 25, 2021, six curious and wondrous Shrines will appear throughout the region’s landscape, waiting to be discovered. Explorers, adventurous participants who choose to journey to one or many Shrines, will travel and enact a Ritual connecting them to the magic of a Shrine, its location, and other Explorers who have been there. Then, Explorers may uncover more by sharing their journey online and connecting with each other over the magic of SHRINES.

SHRINES is free to experience, and each unique Shrine is complete and self-contained. Explorers may visit as many as they like. All they ask is that participants engage fully with any Shrine they visit and share with others to foster deeper magic and connection.

The other SHRINES designers are: Alan Katz (co-lead, he/him), Mel Bieler (she/her), Marshall Bradshaw (he/him) and Jessica Kallista (she/her).

How to Participate

SHRINES locations, rituals and media will be released in late February so Explorers can begin planning their journeys. In the meantime, Explorers may peruse the SHRINES guidebook now,

In late February, the guidebook will be updated to include a page for each unique Shrine. These Shrine Pages will have photo, video, travel directions, geographic coordinates, a description of the Shrine, instructions on how to perform the Shrine’s ritual, and more.

Shrine Pages will also include detailed site reports for accessibility, including on-site travel distance, terrain, metro and wheelchair access, parking and more. Accessibility information about each Ritual will also provide alternate options for elements that require things like manual dexterity, balance, etc. from Explorers.

How to Connect

In the guidebook,, Explorers can subscribe now for email updates about SHRINES directly in their inbox.

They can also follow The Arcanists’ social media (@Arcanists on Facebook, @Arcanistslab on Instagram and Twitter) for more SHRINES content.

Explorers can also begin to connect with one another in the SHRINES Facebook Group and use the hashtags: #SHRINES #FindYourShrine #exploredc

COVID Safety

SHRINES is designed to be COVID-safe. Locations will be predominantly out of doors, or in locations with adequate space and quality ventilation. Rituals are designed to be performed solo, but can also be performed in small podded-groups.

Masks covering the nose and mouth will be required of all visitors. Double masks are encouraged. In the event that Explorers should cross paths, enough space will be available to maintain both social distance and a sense of privacy.

Each Shrine will have a station where sanitizing materials will be provided. These will include hand sanitizer and other disinfectants. Explorers will be asked to participate as custodians of the Shrine, performing a sanitation ritual before leaving.

The SHRINES production team includes Dr. Taylor Winkleman, DVM, MPH as a COVID Safety Consultant, to design the sanitation rituals and communicate about proper COVID Safety for SHRINES participants.