The Arts Council of the National United Methodist Church presents My Brother’s Journey by Life Pieces To Masterpieces

By Editorial Team on July 11, 2022

Sun, 12 June 2022 - Sun, 17 July 2022

Courtesy of Life Pieces To Masterpieces.
Closing Documentary Screening Date: July 17, 2022

My Brother’s Journey is both an art exhibition of paintings created by Black boys from Washington DC’s Wards 7 and 8, and a documentary film focused on the lives of three of these young men – their struggles, their hopes, their journeys. The art pieces demonstrate the power, joy, and resilience of the boys served by the nonprofit organization Life Pieces To Masterpieces over its 26 years of existence.

The signature style present in each painting is a unique artistic process originally developed by one of LPTM’s founders. It involves painting scraps of canvas, cutting them into shapes, and sewing those shapes together to form an image that tells a story. First, sketches are created by groups of boys, based off experiences from their lives, challenges, studies, and passions. Older mentors – many of whom grew up in the program themselves – guide the younger ones through the process of painting the canvas scraps, after which they cut them out into shapes that match the sketch. The cut-out pieces are then sewn together into the final painting.

Life Pieces To Masterpieces is a youth development and mentoring organization in Washington DC’s Ward 7. It uses artistic expression to develop character and leadership, unlock potential, and prepare Black boys and young men to transform their lives and communities. The organization was founded in 1996 by Larry Quick, a graduate of the Corcoran College of Art + Design who was born and raised in Ward 7’s Kenilworth-Parkside Public Housing Community; Mary Brown, a highly-regarded advocate for youth; and Ben Johnson, a skilled fundraiser. LPTM was the first arts-based organization in the nation that focused solely on meeting the needs of Black males from early childhood to adulthood.

About the Arts Council of the National United Methodist Church

The Council’s arts programs promote the awareness that “art is a gift of being and serves as a sacred bridge” to the Creator, to the self, and to the world. The arts reflect God’s creativity within the self. Made in God’s image, the Council believes that all are called to find and use their creative powers in all aspects of living.

Gallery visits are arranged by appointment. Please call (202) 363-4900.