The Brentwood Arts Exchange Craft Store Black Friday Sale

By Editorial Team on November 19, 2012
“Floral Glass Bead Necklace” by Elsie Klumpner. Photo courtesy Brentwood Arts Exchange.

The Brentwood Arts Exchange (BAE) will mark two milestones when it joins the ranks of retailers large and small on Friday, November 23 with the launch of its first Black Friday Sale. The sale, which takes place the Friday following Thanksgiving, is the first time items in the craft store will be made available at a discount. Customers can expect to find the store’s line of fine ceramic ware, hand-made jewelry, glass-blown vases, hand painted silk scarves, and handbags available at a 20% discount. This sale eliminates the pre-dawn rush and unruly crowds. Customers who shop at BAE can expect a light and carefree twist to their Black Friday shopping experience with the store operating at its normal hours, 10am – 7pm. Deal seeking families with energetic children in tow can also take a sigh of relief as arts and craft activities will be made available to the children while parents shop. This Black Friday Sale also serves as a good stop for shoppers looking to rest after a busy day as refreshments will be offered to individuals free of charge. A favorite stop for customers looking to buy gifts for their friends and loved ones, Brentwood Arts Exchange supporters will be happy to learn that for one day coveted items once unavailable for discount now are at 20% off.

“Scribble Books” by Lucy Reedy. Photo courtesy Brentwood Arts Exchange.

Craft store artists include: Arnold Hurley, Belle Hinnefeld, Christopher Stever, Diane Tuckman, Elsie Klumpner, Falani Spivey, Fran Asbeck, Gary Irby, Hsin-Hsi Chen, James Landry, Jose Piedra, Karen Arrington, Karen Clark, Leo Lex, Lucy Reedy, Mary Giammatteo, Michael Brehl, Nancy Donnelly, Ronnie Spiewak & Sharon Keyser-Jackson.


“Mugs” by Gary Irby. Photo courtesy Brentwood Arts Exchange.

About the Craft Store:
The Brentwood Arts Exchange Craft Store features a dynamic display of fine crafts and functional art by local artists from the greater metropolitan DC area. With the work of more than 15 local artists and artisans on display, the store is currently home to an evolving line of functional and fashionable items such as ceramic ware, hand-made jewelry, glass-blown vases, hand painted silk scarves, and handbags made from natural materials. Proposals from artists and artisans interested in selling fine craft objects at the Brentwood Arts Exchange are accepted on an ongoing basis.

Click here to view the virtual craft store.

Gallery Hours:

  • Monday – Friday 10am-7pm
  • Saturday 10am-4pm
  • Sunday Closed

Brentwood Arts Exchange in the Gateway Arts Center is located at 3901 Rhode Island Avenue Brentwood, MD