The Brentwood Arts Exchange Presents 'Agendas: Concepts and Thematics in Sculpture's Expanded Field Community Engagement'

By Editorial Team on September 17, 2012


"Journey- where are we going". Alice Yutzy. Stoneware, wood, jute. 2012 Courtesy Brentwood Arts Exchange
Opening Reception: Saturday September 22 from 5pm to 8 pm

The exhibition runs September 10 – November 17, 2012

Teresia Bush, Howard University Art History Department

Featuring Artists:

  • Blair Bainbridge
  • Alan Binstock
  • Alonzo Davis
  • Terry deBardelaben
  • Martin Feldman
  • Oliver Giron
  • George Lorio
  • Christina Marsh
  • Mike Shaffer
  • Ward Tietz
  • Adejoke Tugbiyele
  • Carlos Vargas
  • Alice Yutzy
"Masala (Mixed Stew). Alan Binstock. Recycled tempered glass, Urethane resin, Steel.Courtesy Brentwood Arts Exchange

The Brentwood Arts Exchange in partnership with the Washington Sculptors Group presents Agendas: Concepts and Thematics in Sculpture’s Expanded Field – Community Engagement, in the gallery from September 10 – November 17, 2012. Juried by Howard University Assistant Professor of Art History, Teresia Bush, Agendas is a sculptural study on the exchange, adaptation and interpretation of culture within our present day society.

Christina Marsh. Molded Chocolate.2010 Courtesy Brentwood Arts Exchange

Designed to engage well-informed arts viewers as well as the community at large, Agendas intends to be a catalyst for discussion and debate. The exhibition is as visually engaging as is culturally relevant, exploring attitudes and meanings that are in constant flux in our globalized society, surrounding customs, artifacts, histories, and influences. Agendas highlights the forms resulting from cross cultural borrowing in contemporary art, much like the more publicly discussed embrace and re-combination of diverse forms in hip hop and world music. And, it should be no surprise that the exhibition is also sure to continue stirring the debate over what it means to be sculpture – as many of the artists speak through the meanings of material itself, from form to formlessness. Alonzo Davis’ bamboo constructions conjure up deep associations that defy specificity, yet somehow feel rooted in a number of global cultures. Christina Marsh brings to the gallery an installation of sumptuous, yet delicate chocolate picture frames, all longingly empty. Perhaps most provocatively, Blair Bainbridge’s text installation calls to us in part through words, but more powerfully from the absence of material itself, making it one of the least physically present works in the show, yet one of the most eloquently rooted in the nature of its substance. Every fall when the exhibition season kicks off, there’s one show that reminds you how much you missed seeing really strong art while you escaped DC’s August heat, this year that show is going to be Agendas.

"Crossing the game 2008". George Lorio. Painted, carved and fabricated wood. Courtesy Brentwood Arts Exchange

Teresia Bush
Teresia Bush, Assistant Professor of Art History at Howard University, specializes in modern and contemporary art history, museum education and public programming in art museums. She spent 26 years as an educator and programmer at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Smithsonian Institution and has worked as a curator with the New Muse Community Museum in Brooklyn, NY and a museum educator with the Corcoran Gallery of Art. Moreover, she has organized art and cultural exhibitions as Exhibition Director for Community Library Services of the D.C. Public Library. The German Book Exhibit was one such notable exhibition; coordinated with the Embassy of Germany, the exhibition opened in Washington, D.C. at the Martin Luther King Library and traveled to points nationally.

Washington Sculptors Group
The Washington Sculptors Group is a volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting awareness of sculpture and fostering exchanges among sculptors, sculpture enthusiasts and the public. Organized in 1984, membership has grown to almost 400; WSG sponsors frequent public programs and organizes professional sculpture exhibitions juried by prominent curators. Visit to join WSG, to view the Web Gallery of members’ work, and to subscribe to the WSG newsletter.

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Brentwood Arts Exchange Gallery Hours are as follows:
10am – 7pm Monday – Friday
10am – 4pm Saturday
Closed Sunday