The Fred Schnider Gallery of Art Presents Re/Seen: Photographs by Jason Horowitz

By East City Art Editorial Team on October 29, 2019

Fri, November 1 2019 — Sat, December 21 2019

Still Life Marigold by Jason Horowitz. Courtesy of Fred Schnider Gallery of Art.
Opening: Friday, November 1 from 6pm to 8pm

Arlington, VA photographer Jason Horowitz will exhibit a “then and now” collection of work representative of how his interests in abstraction and representation have continued throughout his career as the technology he uses to create the work has evolved. Re/Seen: Photographs by Jason Horowitz, breathes new life into two time-honored fine art traditions—still-life and landscape—by deconstructing and re-imagining the world through the use of two innovative photographic techniques.

Horowitz’s earlier still-life photographs resemble underwater space scenes. Inspired by his pet fish in their aquariums, micro-photography, and space imagery among other things, Horowitz suspends plants and flowers in gelatin as if they were trapped in amber. Shot on film and printed without any digital manipulation, the resulting pictures visualize traditional still-life subjects floating in an abstract, dream-like space; a twilight zone that poses issues of reality and unreality, fact and fiction, representation and abstraction.

“Throughout my life I’ve been fascinated by the way photographic technology has allowed me to look at and reinterpret reality,” says Horowitz. “From film to smartphones, I’ve always loved examining the world through a lens.”

In his new landscape series, Horowitz uses the Photo Sphere/Street View app and his smartphone’s camera to create immersive abstract views. By subverting and manipulating the normal process for creating panoramas, he disassembles and reconstructs 360° scenes. Created entirely in-camera, the finished works are the result of a dynamic interaction between Horowitz’s vision and the app’s AI. Instead of depicting the world in a realistic documentary fashion, they playfully bend space and time to create beautiful images that are filled with a dizzying sense of mystery and wonder. Each image has an interactive version, containing information and scenes from a 360° view. The images are not manipulated afterward; Horowitz adjusts color and contrast to fine-tune the image, then prints it much like he’d do in a darkroom with film.

“Jason’s photographs capture the beauty and simplicity of nature,” says Mary Anne Schnider, Director, Fred Schnider Gallery of Art. “The vivid colors and level of dimension created in each image truly brings you into the scene he’s photographing.”

Horowitz earned a BFA from George Washington University and an MFA from Virginia Commonwealth University. He has exhibited at Blue Sky Gallery (Portland, OR), Peer Gallery (New York, NY), Civilian Art Projects (Washington, DC), Richmond International Airport as a Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Fellow, The Silber Art Gallery Goucher College (Towson, MD), Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art (Virginia Beach, VA), American University Museum (Washington, DC) and Arlington Arts Center (Arlington, VA), among others.

He is the recipient of the prestigious Aaron Siskind Foundation Award, The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Fellowship, The Franz & Virginia Bader Fund Grant, and Arlington County, VA Individual Artist Grant. His work is in the public collections of The Corcoran Legacy Collection, American University Museum (Washington, DC), Capitol One Bank (Richmond, VA), The Dimock Gallery, George Washington University (Washington, DC), Banana Republic Corporation (Honolulu, HI), The Sheraton, Rittenhouse Square (Philadelphia, PA), and Furioso Development Corporation (Washington, DC).

The Fred Schnider Gallery of Art is located at 888 N. Quincy Street, Arlington, VA.