The Fridge DC Presents STATEMENTS, NOT FEELINGS the BlackLove

By Editorial Team on January 21, 2020
Courtesy of the Fridge DC.
Opening Reception: Monday, January 20 from 7pm to 10pm

Artists statement:
Everyone’s favorite subject is themselves. I invite you, for each piece you observe, to make it about you, to see it in relation to yourself or people close to you. In doing so, you will receive the greatest benefit of my work. Why?

My work, for the most part, centers on statements of cultural significance. Secondarily, I like to both reiterate what naturally feels like realness as well as exemplify symbols of reality for the Black identity. Truth, bullshit, trauma, community, idealism, divinity, transgression, empowerment, history, and storytelling are themes and motifs you’ll find at face value in my works. I speak to all peoples. My voice is undeniably passionate, so I leverage my voice as a tool in this visual medium. I only use spray paint. I am a street artist (muralist), not a graffiti writer, which means I paint ideas as pictures, not only as words. I focus on impact of content over value to consumer, technique over perfection, conservation of available materials, and a true love for you, my viewer.

The Fridge DC is located at 516 1/2 8th St. SE in the rear alley.