The Fridge Presents Cold Light: Bioluminescent Evolution

By Editorial Team on May 12, 2011

The Fridge Washington DC openings on East City Art

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The Fridge presents Cold Light: Bioluminescent Evolution, with Beth Hansen, Katie Schuler, and Jeremy Tidd. Cold Light is the product of the artists’ exploration into alternative light conditions. They each utilize multiple forms of light and light sources, including fluorescent paints, ultra-violet light, and fiber optics, to mimic bioluminescence and/or explore the limits of the human eye’s perception.

Schuler’s work focuses on the science behind the phenomenon of naturally occurring glowing objects. Those living that contain bioluminescence and minerals that glow through fluorescence. Her delicate diarama-like paintings depict specific species that may glow their way to a meal, a mate, or an escape. She displays some of these organisms, live glowing ocean algae, for viewers to experience in a low-light atmosphere. Her carefully designed mini-biospheres contain glowing land creatures and fluorescent mineral formations.

Hansen is drawn to the mythical aspects of bioluminescence. By manipulating fabric patterns and materials, she creates sculptural creatures that camouflage themselves differently under different light conditions. Her mystical creatures hide in the prints she includes, only revealed by a glowing fluorescence in the ink.

Tidd shines a UV light into the stark conditions of a forest in winter; searching for both fluorescence and bioluminescence in an unforgiving landscape his photographs reveal one version of sight for certain birds, insects, and rodents whose eyes, unlike humans, can detect ultra-violet light.

All three artists currently live and work in Washington DC. Beth Hansen is a multi-media sculptor and printmaker, who coordinates the printmaking department at the Corcoran College of Art + Design. Katie Schuler has worked as a freelance videographer for National Geographic, the Smithsonian, and Woods Hole Oceanographic. Jeremy Tidd owns and runs, Bona Terra landscape design company;  he is half of the art collaborative the YAY team.

If you miss the opening here is your chance to attend other related events:

  • Saturday, May 21st, 2pm – 5pm – Artist Talk

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  • Saturday, May 28th, 3pm – 5pm – The Science of Bioluminescence

The Fridge is pleased to announce “The Science of Bioluminescence“, an evening to reveal and decipher some of the mysteries of bioluminescent organisms. Our host, Katie Schuler, will offer some of her favorite bioluminescent discoveries before introducing special guests, Allen Collins, a Smithsonian and NOAA scientist who studies jellyfish and mushroom expert, Mitch Fournet. They will present some of their research, images, video, and specimens, to explain how bioluminescence plays a huge role in the life of these animals. We will also touch on the importance of protecting the deep sea and other environments.

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  • Saturday, June 4th, 8pm – 11pm – Closing Party

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