The Gallery at Vivid Solutions Presents: Jean-Noel L’Harmeroult "Non-Photos" May 4 through May 29, 2010

By Editorial Team on May 19, 2010

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Jean-Noel L’Harmeroult was born in Paris in 1954 and made his debut as a photographer in 1972. Since then, he has gained acclaim for his work within the elite Paris fashion industry by shooting for famed magazines such as Elle, Glamour, Femme, and Marie-Claire. He has worked all over the world on major ad campaigns working with the best of the best in modeling and fashion.

Over his 40-year career as a commercial photographer, Jean-Noel L’Harmeroult has sorted through thousands of images. His collection of “Non-Photos” is a series of digital prints created from the accidental initial exposures on each reel of film, the first exposed to light. These exposures create a subtle, magnificent image. Combined as triptychs, arrays and monolithic solo images, the “Non-Photos” are haunting and reminiscent of landscapes, color field paintings, or possibly fire. Clear white light, vibrant yellow hues, rich burnt browns, intense navy and black colors boldly saturate the viewer’s eye. The heavy pigments contrast with a feeling of light.

The “Non-Photos” on display at the Gallery at Vivid Solutions have been selected and developed into large-scale digital prints. L’Harmeroult, who is an Epson France certified Master Printer, personally printed each print using Epson’s Digigraphie printing process. This is the same process that the Vivid Solutions DC print lab offers to local artists. L’Harmeroult’s step into the world of Contemporary Art started in 2000 and eventually led to exhibit in 2005 at the Rothschild Gallery in Paris. His “Non-Photos” were met with great acclaim. Amid his busy commercial photography schedule, he teaches university courses in Paris on the concept of “Beauty” and continues to pursue his fine art practice. Jean Noel L’Harmeroult’s 2008 exhibition at the Honfleur Gallery was his Washington, D.C. debut.

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