The Greater Reston Arts Center Presents Continuum

By Editorial Team on December 4, 2015

Tue, 01 December 2015 - Sat, 13 February 2016

Portal, 2014, Mylar, fossils, variable dimensions Photo credit: Gary Freeburg
Portal, 2014, Mylar, fossils, variable dimensions Photo credit: Gary Freeburg


On view through February 13, 2016


The Greater Reston Arts Center (GRACE) presents Continuum, an exhibition featuring works by artist Rebecca Kamen. Informed by research into cosmology, neuroscience, history of science, and philosophy, Kamen’s abstract sculptures and paintings connect common threads across various scientific fields to capture and re-imagine what scientists see. Continuum will be on view December 1, 2015 through February 13, 2016 at the gallery, located at the Reston Town Center.

This exhibition includes two new sculpture and sound installations examining the nature of inner and outer space: Portal, inspired by gravitational wave physics and black holes, and NeuroCantos, exploring the relationship and poetics of inner and outer space. Kamen’s collaborative work with sound artist Susan Alexjander and poet Steven Fowler add a multisensory dimension to her installations. Alexjander’s sound piece for NeuroCantos, which features the sound of actual neurons firing, is punctuated by the words of neuro-anatomist Santiago Ramón y Cajal and the poetry of Steven Fowler. Continuum also includes earlier works Kamen created from wire, in which she exploited the malleability of that medium to create sculptures that are tangible yet transparent, evoking a sense of motion and kinetic energy. These works date to the artist’s initial interest in examining space.

The title of Rebecca Kamen’s exhibition at the Greater Reston Arts Center—Continuum— references the artist’s ongoing exploration of the intersections between art and science, and acknowledges the fact that Kamen’s intellectual journey with this subject began at GRACE. Her 2009 Divining Nature exhibition, a poetic evocation of the periodic table of elements, drew significant crowds to GRACE, and well-earned acclaim to Kamen,positioning her as a prominent figure in the nascent STEAM movement (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math). Her current work represents a continuum in her artistic exploration of scientific concepts, as well as her return to GRACE.

Kamen has exhibited and lectured both nationally and internationally in destinations including China, Hong Kong, Chile, Korea, Egypt, and Spain. She has been the recipient of a Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Professional Fellowship, a Pollack Krasner Foundation Fellowship, two Strauss Fellowships, and a Travel Grant from the Chemical Heritage Foundation. As an artist in residence in the neuroscience program at National Institutes of Health, Kamen has interpreted and transformed neuroscience research into sculptural form. She was recently awarded the Arts Council of Fairfax County’s 2015 Arts Achievement Award.

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  • Tuesday – Saturday: 11am to 5pm

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