The Hill Center Galleries Presents a Group Show of Local Artists

By Editorial Team on November 12, 2012


"Guzzo". Dilip Sheth. Phtoto Courtesy Hill Center Galleries.
Opening Reception: Thursday 6pm to 8pm


The Hill Center is hosting a group exhibition featuring the following artists:

  • Geoff Ault
  • Tory Cowles
  • Tsolmon Damba
  • Warren Frederick
  • Nancy Freeman
  • Michele Hoben
  • Alice Jackson
  • Gordon Ritchie
  • Dilip Sheth
  • Paul Sikora


"Storm Brewing". Michele Hoben. Phtoto Courtesy Hill Center Galleries.

A new feature of the opening, “Gallery Talk” at 7:15 pm, offers context and observations by Chris With, former coordinator of art information with the National Gallery of Art.

About the artists

Digital Paintings by Geoff Ault employs the techniques of layering and blending, but with the distinction of canvas and brush that are electronic.

Maine Art by Alan Braley strives to reveal the essence of a subject through abstraction and simplification, creating his own shapes and colors, fitting-in nature and objects afterwards.

The abstract paintings by Tory Cowles are influenced by her experience as a woodworker, carpenter, stonewall building and representational painter to juxtapose colors, spontaneity with structure and boldness with subtlety.

Mongolian-born painter Tsolmon Damba is a returning favorite to the Hill Center Galleries, where his tranquil and powerful paintings in watercolor, ink, acrylic and oils project the picturesque countryside of his youth onto linen, paper and canvas.

Panorama Pairings of Warren Frederick’s photography addresses the complexity of perception and choice with the immediate and the distant, the remote, and the ecology of agrarian life and the urban fabric.  He is also a prolific ceramics artist, recently exhibiting at Hill Center’s Pottery on the Hill show and sale.

Painting, Photography, Paintography is Nancy Freeman’s medium of art through computer creation of hybrid images with layers and digital processes between abstract shapes and colors.  She currently teaches the Hill Center course, “Apps for Artists” exploring the astonishing capabilities of new tablet computers.

Travels by Michele Hoben reflect the inspiration of landscapes, after a spring visit to New Mexico, where the quality of light and endless sky provided a surge of creativity.

Picturing the Extraordinary in the Ordinary is Alice Jackson’s photographic celebration of glorious hues, delicious textures and complex forms hidden within everyday scenes and objects, “to capture the marvelous in the mundane.”

A brilliant colorist, Dilip Sheth expresses quaint, subtle beauty from ordinary moments and natural scenes that are bold, intense and dramatic.  In the fine art world, Dilip is well known for his unique hand embellished limited edition giclee reproductions.

Balance, Space and Time dance in Paul Sikora’s mobiles evoking wonder, delight and play. With the lightest of materials, yet in a still room, one of Sikora’s complex mobiles will move slowly in three directions.

Birdhouses created by Gordon Ritchie vary in shape, size and detail as much as their inhabitants.  Constructed from rescued wood, the natural grain luster comes from Danish Oil finish that is attractive as an inside work of art, or fully functional home for the birds.

Gallery Hours

  • Monday – Friday 10am to 7pm
  • Saturday    10am to 5pm
  • Sunday        Noon to 5pm

The Hill Center is located at 921 Pennsylvania Avenue SE.  Visit the Hill Center online at