The Icebox Collective Presents The Nomadic House Project • Cloud(s) at the Mexican Cultural Institute

By Editorial Team on October 2, 2022

Thu, September 1 2022 — Thu, December 15 2022

Courtesy of the Icebox Collective.
Reception: Thursday, October 6 at 6:30pm (artists present, and remarks by Ambassador Ana Luisa Fajer)

The Nomadic House Project • Cloud(s)
An in situ installation by the Icebox Collective on view at the front garden of the Mexican Cultural Institute in Washington DC through the end of November December 15.

The Nomadic House, as a symbol of home and shelter, evokes issues emerging around quarantine, climate crisis, conflict, and displacement. Home for a migrant is a moment of pause, a profound moment of memory, because ‘Home’ for a migrant exists in an interval; between the home that they knew, the nostalgic space, and the home of uncertainty, of self-exile, forced through (often extreme) circumstances to create a home in a foreign land. This journey, accompanied by the unknown, forms a personal and collective cloud that extends across the border, perpetuated by language that separates and dehumanizes, that neglects the dignity and value in one another, and by a lack of language that builds understanding and empathy across the divide.

Along the border between the United States and Mexico, this cloud looms particularly densely. Nearly 750 migrant deaths have been reported along the southern border thus far in 2022 alone, an all time record. Water jugs left by and for migrants along the treacherous journey are just one marker of this humanitarian crisis.

ICEbox Collective

Mexican Cultural Institute is located at 2829 16th Street NW.