The Korean Cultural Center Presents Breaking Boundaries Group Exhibition

By Editorial Team on April 1, 2019

Fri, 05 April 2019 - Fri, 26 April 2019

Work by Kwang Bum Jang. Courtesy of the Korean Cultural Center.
Opening Reception: Friday, April 5 at 6pm

The Korean Cultural Center Washington, DC proudly presents Breaking Boundaries, a new group exhibition featuring abstract installations, sculptures, and painting by four contemporary Korean artists whose work transcends the traditional boundaries—mental, physical, spatial—that define human life and how we experience it. Yunkyung Kim, Jisook Kim, Hyo Jin Yook, and Kwang Bum Jang each express contradictory phenomena in their art and subvert familiar concepts such as life and death, time and space, or real and ideal by combining a variety techniques and media.

Yunkyung Kim creates beautiful yet fatal abstract images visually reminiscent of a virus, through repetition and careful arrangement. HerViruscape (virus+scape) series, displayed in a door or window frame, evokes the microscopic origins of both life and death, but the virus-like imagery seen through a passageway is also a metaphor for the complex and often absurd landscape of modern society.

Jisook Kim conveys a delicate coexistence of life, energy, and time in her artwork, using a marbling technique that embeds variating drawn lines throughout her multidimensional installations. These abstract and simplified patterns reflect the energy of the natural world in an artificial yet organic shape, existing in an ambiguous state just like the boundaries between reality and our ideals, or human life and the wider universe.

Hyo Jin Yook questions the hierarchy and structure that defines the nature of human life in a capitalist era, using windows as her main motif in her evocative installations. Based on her experience living in a small single room in shared urban housing, a common arrangement known as gosiwon in Korea, she strives to break the boundary of between the tangible and intangible aspects of human life. Her work expresses this harsh reality measured by the size of the windows in her work, contrasting with the gorgeous gold colors.

Kwang bum Jang visualizes the accumulation of time in a physical form by repeatedly layering acrylic paints and using a sanding technique to create brilliant, vaguely psychedelic patterns of mountains and waves. His work expresses not only the flow and accumulation of time but also the coexistence of permanency and impermanency by breaking the boundaries of the past and present.

Admission to the opening reception featuring talks by the artists on Friday, April 5 at 6:00 p.m. is free and open to the public, but registration is required at www.KoreaCultureDC.orgBreaking Boundaries will remain on view during regular hours through April 26, 2019.

About the Artists

Yunkyung Kim received her BFA and MFA in Sculpture from Ewha Woman’s University in Korea. She also received her MFA in Art Practice from Goldsmiths University of London in the UK and completed her Ph.D. in Sculpture from Hongik University in Korea. She is the recipient of various grants and prizes including the 2017 Prix Whanki competition from the Whanki Museum, from the 2016 Kim Chong Yung Museum, 2008 Finalist for the Taiwan International Video Art Festival, and selected artist of the Kohler Asia Art Program. She has exhibited nationally and internationally, including at Whanki Museum and Young-eun Museum of Contemporary Art in Korea, at the Hong Kong Arts Centre in Hong Kong, Goodman Arts Centre in Singapore, and Sassoon Gallery in London.

Jisook Kim received her BFA and MFA in Sculpture from Sungshin Woman’s University in Korea. After moving to the United States, she completed residency programs at ARPNY and 4heads Artist in Residence Program. She was selected for Diamond District Windows by ChaShaMa and the Governors Island Art Fair in 2018, and has participated in numerous exhibitions including Built Emotions at Gallery Sensei, Memory of Emotions at Hutchins Gallery, With Something at K&P Gallery in New York, and at Jersey City Hall. For more information, visit

Hyo Jin Yook received her BFA and MFA in Fine Art from Hongik University in Korea. She was selected as a Bupyeong Cultural Foundation young artist in 2018 and has participated in numerous exhibitions including A Slice Room Project at Sidaiyeogwan Gallery, ART369 at Artplace, Walker at Art Project Susaeck Redevelopment Area, and The Exhibition is an Excuse at KDT Gallery in Korea. For more information, visit

Kwang Bum Jang received his BFA in Fine Art from Chung-Ang University in Korea. After moving to France, he received his MFA and completed his Ph.D. in art plastique from Université Paris 8. He was selected as a MAC PARIS Artist in 2014, Artist of the Year from Novembre Vitry in 2010, and Juin de La Celle Saint-Cloud artist in 2009. He has participated numerous solo, group, and art fair exhibitions nationally and internationally, including in Paris, London, Cologne, Basel, Beirut, Gwangju, and Seoul. His first solo exhibition in Korea will be held in 2019. For more information,

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