The Kreeger Museum Presents Lou Stovall: On Inventions and Color

By Editorial Team on January 10, 2022

Tue, 01 February 2022 - Sat, 30 April 2022

Lou Stovall, Sundrinkers are we…the forest, the trees B.H., 1971, screenprint, 40 x 26 inches, Courtesy of the artist.
Opening: January 20, 2022
Rescheduled: February 1-April 30

The Kreeger Museum presents Lou Stovall: On Inventions and Color, opening February 1, 2022. Lou Stovall is a master printmaker who has transformed the field of printmaking in Washington, DC since the 1960s. In 1968, Stovall established Workshop, Inc., a screenprinting studio that aimed to connect with political movements, reach new audiences, and create opportunities for artists to expand their work into prints, such as Gene Davis, David Driskell, Sam Gilliam, Loïs Mailou Jones, Jacob Lawrence, Gwendolyn Knight, and Paul Reed, among many others. Curated by Danielle O’Steen, the exhibition includes works from across Stovall’s career as well as screenprints by artists coming through the Workshop, giving insight into the Stovall’s innovative approach to printmaking and his decades-long study of color.

“We are honored to present this significant exhibition by master printmaker Lou Stovall and proud to continue The Kreeger Museum’s long tradition of presenting and supporting Washington artists,” says Director, Helen Chason. “The works in this exhibition contextualize and highlight Stovall’s invaluable and countless contributions to the arts community and city and we are thrilled to share them with our audiences.”

Lou Stovall: On Inventions and Color focuses on Stovall’s approach to and expansion of screenprinting as a medium. The show opens with a selection of Stovall’s works over four decades, including: large, brightly-colored compositions; intimate, finely rendered screenprints; intricate studies and drawings; and experimental monoprints. The second part of the exhibition brings together prints by artists who have collaborated with Stovall over the years: Gene Davis, David Driskell, Louis Delsarte, Sam Gilliam, Loïs Mailou Jones, Minnie Klavans, Jacob Lawrence, Samella Lewis, Gwendolyn Knight, Paul Reed, and Di Stovall. The exhibition will explore the history of Stovall’s Workshop and the impact of his printing methods, through the confluence of works produced at his studio.

“Lou has had such an incredible impact on the arts in Washington, in creating this vibrant, artistic hub around his Workshop,” says curator Danielle O’Steen. “This exhibition traces that history, while also sharing some of the printmaker’s secrets, showing how he developed screenprints that were graceful, nuanced, and even painterly with fearless uses of color.”

As a companion exhibition, Of the Land: Lou Stovall and the Poetry of Seasons will offer a focused look at the master printmaker’s 1974 series Of the Land, a collection of interconnected poems, drawings, and prints inspired by the natural world. Guest curated by Will Stovall, the artist’s son and a painter, this show will coincide with a new volume on the series, published by Georgetown University Press.

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