The Silva Gallery x Latela Curatorial Presents Anne Marchand Moments of Grace

By Editorial Team on September 20, 2021

Fri, 03 September 2021 - Sun, 03 October 2021

Anne Marchand, Tangent, 36 x 36 in., Acrylic Enamel, ink on canvas.
Artist Reception: Thursday, September 23 from 6pm to 8pm

The Silva Gallery x Latela Curatorial announces solo exhibition Moments of Grace by Anne Marchand. This exhibition invites us on a journey, an exploration in self-discovery and healing, for ourselves, and for our communities.

First inspired by photographs of galaxies and nebulae seen through the Hubble telescope, Marchand’s paintings suggest a connection between deep space and inner space of the human body. Her work recalls images seen from low orbit space, looking through portals, seeing patterns and rhythms of earth’s natural forces. Through art, she addresses our role as citizens on a planetary paradise and how the human race moves forward in time, visualizing from a big picture perspective while operating on a local earthly level.

Working in a square format, Marchand highlights structure and mankind, physical things, such as four seasons, four directions, and the four physical elements—earth, air, fire, and water. But the paintings in this exhibition are also soft: they summon the visual vibration in the eye of the viewer, along with their sense of wonder, introspection, and imagination.

Created by experimenting freely with poured paint, along with using combs and scrapers, Marchand mixes a variety of materials into her process such as acrylic enamel, glass beads, and Indian silks are layered in the paint, connecting the work both to nature and to other cultures.

Marchand’s exhibition comes at a timely moment to remind us not to forget some of the subtle, self-connective lessons that the pandemic taught us. As we “go back to normal” and extend ourselves outwards into society again, Moments of Grace offers an intimate refuge to come back to center and brings forward concepts of unity, time, perspective, impermanence and the sublime.

This is the first exhibition in a new partnership between The Silva DC, a new luxury apartment building in Adam’s Morgan and Latela Curatorial, an art consultancy firm. Latela Curatorial sourced local artwork for the building’s permanent collection and will curate rotating exhibitions featuring local artists in this gallery space.

The Silva Gallery will feature artwork by local artists in the heart of the high-end residential building, The Silva. We are excited to inaugurate this new space with a very special solo exhibition featuring new artworks by Anne Marchand.

Inspired by Adams Morgan’s unique artwork and eclectic feel, The Silva Gallery x Latela Curatorial will host solo and group exhibitions, which will rotate on a regular basis and artwork will be available for sale through the gallery.


  • Monday-Saturday: 10am-5pm
  • Sunday: 12pm-5pm

The Silva DC is located at 1630 Columbia Rd NW.