The Silva Gallery x Latela Curatorial Presents Samuel Miranda Folks

By Editorial Team on January 24, 2022

Fri, 14 January 2022 - Sun, 10 April 2022

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On View: January 14 – April 10, 2022
Reception: Wednesday, April 6 from 6-8pm

The Silva Gallery x Latela Curatorial is excited to announce the solo exhibition Folks by Samuel Miranda.

Miranda’s Folks exhibition is inspired by the rich stories of the folks in the Mount Pleasant “barrio”; as well as the stories he’s encountered during his travels to Madrid and Havana. By seeking out and building close relationships with musicians and artists resident in the community, Miranda is initiated into the local culture, given passage into each community’s history, and given permission to excavate memories and stories.

Often working from the subject’s storytelling and archived photographs, Miranda captures the pulse of the past in the energetic present. As a figurative artist, he uses portraiture to depict the subject’s narrative utilizing various mediums. Through screen printing, embroidery and painting, longtime community members of Mount Pleasant such as Pepe Gonzalez (Spanish Joe) and Rudy Morales (Flaco Frio) are venerated as the founding members of Zapata, a band that had a major musical impact on the music scene in DC during the 70’s.

Artistic collaborations are important to Miranda’s practice, and collaborations in many ways are communal and an invitation to experience a unique perspective by working with another artist. For Miranda, collaborations build conversation, nurture growth, and push him to experiment. Within this exhibition Drum and Voice Remember is a notable collaboration with Cuban artist Lazaro Batista in a portrait of Rigore and Juan Roberto Dominich, two men who immigrated from Cuba to the U.S. as part of a group known as the Marielitos and could be found every Sunday at Malcolm X Park’s drum circle that has become a tradition for many years. Miranda painted the portraits and Batista painted the railings, reminiscent of the decorative metal work used in balconies, windows, and doorways in Habana.

As Washington, DC and it’s culture rich communities continue to undergo gentrification, Miranda’s work serves as a reminder to honor the communities and the narratives that came before us, and that continue to be an integral part of the fabric of these communities.

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The Silva Gallery x Latela Curatorial is located at 716 Monroe Street NE Studio #27.