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By Editorial Team on February 28, 2022

Fri, 04 March 2022 - Sun, 27 March 2022

Heart’s Lament by Robert Hunter.

The Washington Printmakers Gallery is pleased to announce the upcoming exhibit, Common Thread. Displaying from March 4th through 27th, eight members of the printmakers’ gallery join together to display recent and choice work. Ranging from monoprints to digital works and photography to intaglio, the work is diverse and expansive. The gallery space will showcase an extensive variety of intent and ideas that will make visiting exciting as connections and juxtapositions appear and shift between works.

In Mr. Jefferson, Bob Burgess documents the Jefferson Memorial but challenges himself and viewers to view familiar beings through an altered and different lens. Kate Lowman similarly plays on these themes in Chichester Lane #5 and Chichester Lane #8, constructing prints through overlaid photographs of places near her father’s home, documenting the complexities of family, aging, and time through new lights. Robert Hunter, in his piece Heart’s Lament, investigates similar matters of the heart, constructing work related to love, loss, faith, and hope informed by narratives from his past. Summer Roshni Bhullar emphasizes similar thematic sentiments but with varied forms in her artworks, Companionship in Pure Love and Peace of the Heart. She utilizes vibrant colors and abstract designs in her monoprints, which play nicely with the delicate marks and engaging compositions found in Sigrid Trumpy’s Spiral Jetty and On Ronni’s Path. The softness in these prints additionally connects to Nina Muys’ Golden Trumpet, which utilizes vibrant colors and soft lines to construct a monoprint evoking memories of her time in Mexico. These colors connect and balance the colors in Carolyn Pomponio’s prints, which are engaging and grand. The work in this show is rounded out by Matthew Watowich’s cyanotype, In the Garden, which discusses connections and community in the time of COVID.

Uniting this expansive range of artwork is the Washington Printmakers Gallery, both as a physical space and a form of community. Together, the members presenting in this show have joined to collaborate and share thoughts and insight. The varying contributions, though not overt in their appearance, are important as they have allowed the show to take on a collective being. Working together, this show constructs and reimagines a collective tapestry – one in which diverse forms and varied work can weave together and embody a greater being.


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