Target Gallery Presents Eunsook Lee: Dispersed Family

By Editorial Team on April 15, 2015

Sat, 18 April 2015 - Sun, 31 May 2015

Photo courtesy of Target Gallery at Torpedo Factory Art Center.
Photo courtesy of Target Gallery at Torpedo Factory Art Center.


Reception: Saturday, April 18 from 3pm to 5pm
Gallery Talk with Eunsook Lee at 4pm


Target Gallery, the in-house gallery of the Torpedo Factory Art Center, will completely transform in the hands of Korean artist Eunsook Lee for her fluorescent and black-light installation Dispersed Family. On view Saturday, April 18 through Sunday, May 31, 2015, Lee’s site-specific work explores familial ties that bind us together in spite of the demands of modern society.

Lee uses black-light-sensitive threads and fabrics, resulting in a dramatic fluorescent palette, through which she communicates with her inner self. Dispersed Family is a departure from her usual themes of tragic family separation, politics, and personal healing and instead focuses on the connections we maintain across the globe.

“In a global era, family members may live in different countries and may be only able to see each other every few years,” said Lee. “Even though there are no political barriers, these families are split, but because of their love for each other, they are still happy.”

The installation will be translucent and will envelope viewers in such a way to invite deep contemplation. The glow-in-the-dark threads represent relationships that are both continuous and yet free in their own space. She weaves them together with layers of letters and photographs of her family, as well as seeds and leaves from their homes to represent the hope for possibilities and regrets of separation. The black light illuminate even the smallest details.

“Target Gallery is dedicated to bringing internationally recognized artists like Eunsook Lee to Alexandria and Northern Virginia,” said Kaitlyn Ward, Target Gallery director. “The familial connections, separation, and longing that Eunsook touches upon in Dispersed Family will be especially poignant for the large number of transplants in the region who are geographically separated from their families.”

Lee has had several high-profile installations that explore family separations, through war, ideological differences, and death. In 2014, she spent time working in Washington D.C. and presented The Spirit of Peace and Healing: Out of the Trauma of the 6/25 War at the Korean Cultural Center. She also installed Remember 727 by the Lincoln Memorial reflecting pool to mark the day the Demilitarized Zone was created between the North and South Korea.

In 2007, Vanished Berlin Wall at Brandenburg Gate in Berlin had the illuminated names of 5,000 separated Korean family members. In 2013, Calling out Names of Families Separated during the Korean War at the Demilitarized Zone featured 100 meters of fluorescent letters as a commentary on the meaning of family and nation and urged for peaceful reunification.

Dispersed Family is the first show in the new annual Special Exhibitions program to showcase new work and artists.

Eunsook Lee
Eunsook Lee has actively presented her work in private and group exhibitions since 1990. She studied at Ewha Womans University and went on to receive her MFA at Hongik University in Seoul. In 1986, she began using thin fluorescent threads for her art work with titles such as Umbilical Cords, Lost Embryo, and Life. In 1997, Lee began visiting and working in Germany. She gained widespread international acclaim with Vanished Berlin Wall, an illuminated installation featured at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin in 2007. Her works have been featured in Korea, Germany, Hong Kong, and the U.S.

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