Touchstone Gallery Presents Breaking Out by Tory Cowles & I Chose White by Jeanne Garant

By Editorial Team on May 3, 2021
Piano by Tory Cowles

On view  May 5 – June 5, 2021
Virtual Exhibits Zoom Artist Talk & Opening: Wednesday, May 5 at 5pm
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Breaking Out by Tory Cowles
“I use an abstract expressionist process, responding directly to the materials in a stream of consciousness state of mind, allowing the work to evolve without a conceptual overlay. I’m interested in how the connotations evoked by the materials become an integral part of the work. For example, the materials from our organic farm – roofing, chain link fencing, and chicken wire – evoke for me the weather, growing things, time passing, my childhood. I’m still playing with color, shape, movement and texture, but the connotations, and sometimes the juxtaposition of connotations, add another important dimension to the piece.”

Two Houses by Jeanne Garant

I Chose White by Jeanne Garant
“Looking back on my solo exhibits at Touchstone Gallery, I recognize a theme.  At each exhibit, a color was featured.  Black.  Red.  Black and White.  This year, I chose white. I chose it because of its representation of darkness – darkness felt deeply by me and people the world over as the COVID-19 pandemic stole so much. To many, white symbolizes simplicity, openness, good or a new beginning.  For me, this past Year, it represented loneliness, isolation and coldness. The whites in my paintings range from pure white, to muted warm whites and cold whites. The nuances represent the variations in feelings.  Abstracts, patterns and architectural images complete the seven works and add contrast.  They might also represent bright spots – even the dark hues.

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