Touchstone Gallery Presents Linda Bankerd & Patricia Williams

By Editorial Team on November 28, 2022

Wed, 30 November 2022 - Sun, 08 January 2023

Opening Reception: Saturday, December 3 from 4pm to 7pm
Meet the Artist: Sunday, January 8 from 2pm to 4pm

Nothing is Real by Linda Bankerd

Linda Bankerd, Abstract #10, 36×36

Linda Bankerd’s Nothing Is Real is entirely abstract; a group of paintings that do not relate to reality in any way. She has utilized shape, color, form, line, and gestural marks to produce works that exist in and by themselves.

“Abstraction was not easily achieved. I’ve never striven for or succumbed to realism. Figures, landscapes, still lives, and interiors were evident in my past work, more often than not,” Bankerd says. “In this exhibition, I’ve finally been able to leave the “real” or some iteration of it. Nothing real needed or wanted.”

Bankerd has been making art for many years. Initially, she worked in silkscreen, producing multi-colored transparent abstract artworks. It proved to be an interesting change from making multiples—all exactly the same—to placing the paper under the prepared screen differently for each pass; therefore coming up with unexpected and innovative results. This experimentation in printmaking led her to try painting.

Expression through paint and brush proved to be much more direct for Bankerd than making screens and passing paper through them. She also found acrylic paint a forgiving medium, as it can be transparent or thick, shiny or dull; plus one can easily add other elements such as collage, pastel, crayon, ink, charcoal etc..

Linda Bankerd has been making art in the Washington area for many years. She is a graduate of the College of Mount Saint Vincent and the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and has studied painting under the tutelage of Deanna Schwartzberg at The Art League of Alexandria. Her previous solo exhibitions at Touchstone Gallery include Luscious Landscapes (2019), Home is Where the Art Is (2016) and Garden Variety (2013).

Some Thoughts About Trees by Patricia Williams

Patricia Williams, The Whole Is Greater Than the Sum of the Parts 16 squares, 26¼” x 26¼” as pictured.

In Some Thoughts about Trees, Patricia Williams presents a series of compelling portraits of trees she has known and loved, interspersed with quotes about trees from sources as diverse as Ronald Reagan and Anton Chekov. The exhibition asks viewers to consider their personal views about trees: some admire trees for their beauty and utility, while others regard them as impediments to the perfect view or land use. Through this series of original paintings, Some Thoughts about Trees advocates for trees as critical to the world’s well-being.

The basic images Williams uses are simple outlines of tree shapes—but just as trees are supported by unseen root and vascular systems, these basic shapes are supported by several layers of watercolor pencil drawing, as well as stamping using actual leaves, often from the tree depicted.

Williams began the series during the pandemic, which she passed living among the trees surrounding her family’s mountain cabin. “I saw and sketched the same trees every day and in every season. I tried to see them in different ways and understand their personalities,” she says. “The more time I spent with them, the more I wanted to preserve them in some way, hence this series. I think of the trees as my collaborators in this series,” she says, “or maybe it is that I was their instrument of expression.”

“I used to think of established trees as living things that were here before me and would be here after me,” Williams says. “With climate change and its attendant threats along with the impact of illegal or poorly conceived mining, logging and agricultural practices, I now worry about their long-term survival.

A native of North Carolina, Paricia Williams is an engineering graduate of North Carolina State University. She took up painting after a midlife career change led her to a second career in communications. Her previous shows at Touchstone Gallery include Glimpses (2019), Ordered Complexities (2017), and Hidden Things Revealed (2015). Her work has also been shown by 311 Gallery, The Art League and the Firnew Farm Artists Circle, among others.


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