Touchstone Gallery Presents Spotlight @Touchstone

By Editorial Team on December 14, 2020

Thu, 10 December 2020 - Wed, 10 February 2021

Mandalas in Bloom by Beth Ann Scott, My god has horns too by Neville Barbour, Pleasure Board by Craig Moran, Gateway (Transmission III) by Chris Combs, No Right Turn by Derek Rosales, The Ellsworth Kelly by Christopher Fowler
On View: December 10, 2020 – February 10, 2021

On display December 10, 2020 – February 10, 2021 at

Touchstone Gallery is delighted to present Spotlight @Touchstone, the latest group show in Touchstone’s Spotlight Art Series. On display December 10, 2020 – February 10, 2021 in Touchstone’s virtual gallery the exhibit highlights the work of 77 artists, most working in the D.C. area. The show includes photographs, paintings and sculptures in a broad range of styles. The works are as diverse as the artists who created them, but they are united by the  artists’ passion for creating and sharing art in the flourishing DMV art scene.

Touchstone Gallery sponsors the annual Spotlight Art Series to showcase the work of fine contemporary artists and to bring the community together through art. Since its founding in 1976, Touchstone has remained dedicated to enriching the local environment through diverse contemporary art exhibitions and to showcase national and international artists whenever possible. Our physical space is closed due to the pandemic, but our virtual gallery is always open online.

Participating artists: John Allen, Elizabeth Ashe, Neville Barbour, Tara Barr, Leni Berliner, Rachael Bohlander, Richard Busch, Elizabeth Casqueiro, Yngrid Chacon, Maria-Victoria Checa, Ceci Cole McInturff, Chris Combs, Paul G Cunningham, Camilla David, Maryann DellaRocco, Nadia Duchelle, Jen Eidson, Connie Elsberg, Rosemary Fallon, Christopher Fowler, Jennifer Galvin, Stephanie Garon, Leslie Harris, Seemeen Hashem, Tialer Henriquez, Gary Honig, Sabiha Iqbal, Jinny Isserow, Malathi Jayawickrama, Eric Jenkins, Gard Jones, Sharmila Kapur, Allison Keilman, Angie Meche Kilcullen, Katya Krupko, Mary Lagnaoui, Deborah Lash, Anthony Le, Denise Lee, Linda Lowery, Sharon Malley, Nipun Manda, Mike McSorley, Charles Mintz, Craig Moran, Manuel Morquecho, Hernan Murno, Javaid Nayyar, Heidi Nielson, Francisca Oviedo, Rachel Patton, Debra Perkins, Jeff Pullen, Pauline Rakis, Yoshiko Ratliff, Felicia Reed, Carolyn Rogers, Derek Rosales, Anna Rose Soevik, Cecilia Schultz, Beth Ann Scott, Alexandra N Sherman, Rhonda J Smith, Jasmin Smith, Alexandra Squire, Nadya Steare, Alexia Stefanovich, Brian Story, Emily Strulson, Colin Sullivan, Emon Surakitkoson, Hector J. Torres, Pilar Vargas, Samantha Viotty, Jenny Wilson, Janet Wittenberg, Paul Zapatka.