Transformer Presents Yacine Tilala Fall Trying to be Whole (Living in Parts: Blood, Body, and Faith)

By Editorial Team on June 7, 2021
Image Credit: Mahnoor Soofi, Trying To Be Whole (Living in Parts): Head Study, 2021
Currently on view.

With Trying to be Whole (Living in Parts: Blood, Body, and Faith), Yacine Tilala Fall breaks herself apart into three foundational parts – body, blood, and faith – in her attempt to find place within the world.

Fall’s identity is inextricably tied to her parents’ immigration to the United States by way of Dakar, Senegal; her religious beliefs, social attitudes, and gender expressions have been shaped by the perspectives and priorities that her parents have chosen to bring or leave behind. By incorporating the use of materials echoing home, including sisal, raw clay, and incense from Dakar, into her performative practice, Fall attempts to explore the complexities of identity, while navigating the ripple effects of generational trauma.

Yacine Tilala Fall is an interdisciplinary conceptual artist. She received a BFA from the Corcoran School of the Arts and Design. Using performance, sculpture, painting and natural materials, her work investigates identity, politics, and history through the lens of the body. Her work and practice speak to the human body and its entangled relationship with the natural environment. A Senegalese heritage and an American upbringing inform her repetitive and labor-intensive art practice.

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