American Poetry Museum | Nando Alvarez Transmutación

By Editorial Team on March 18, 2024

Sat, March 23 2024 — Tue, April 30 2024

Rejas Screenprinted monoprint by Nando Alvarez. Photo credit: Sami MIranda
Opening Reception: Saturday, March 23 from 4-6pm

Transmutación is an exhibit of screen prints and screenprinted monoprints by artist Nando Alvarez that are filled with a beautiful tension and provide the viewer with a moment to wonder about the stories that inhabit them. The traditional screenprints use colors reminiscent of chicha posters and are paired with poems by poet Sami Miranda that use the layout of those posters to create poems in conversation with Alvarez’s work. Alvarez’s screenprinted monoprints are layered and beautifully rendered.

Transmutación will run through the end of April at the American Poetry Museum and the opening reception will take place Saturday March 23rd at 4pm and include live screenprinting, music, and poetry written in conversation with the work.


  • Thursday and Friday 5 to 7
  • Saturday 9 to 5
  • Sunday 2-5pm

American Poetry Museum
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