Workhouse Arts Center Muse Gallery | DC Cosplay Photo Shoots Tulpa

Mon, May 6 2024 — Sat, June 1 2024

Catwoman Photography: In the Long Run Designs (Mike Davidson) Cosplayer: In the Long Run Designs (Gloria Sheu)

The costume artists and photographers from DC Cosplay Photo Shoots bring fictional characters and creatures of the imagination to life in their collaborative works. Their costume artists transform the imaginary into real life, and their photographers display these living characters into dynamic, immersive worlds through their lenses. When both worlds collide, stunning visual narratives are created through the collaboration of two seemingly different art forms. This exhibition showcases the work of featured artists in the DC Cosplay Photo Shoots community from 2021-present.

DC Cosplay Photo Shoots is an arts education non-profit that focuses on costume arts and photography in the Greater Washington DC Metropolitan Area. They offer collaborative and educational opportunities in a safe, friendly, and inclusive space. For more information, visit DC Cosplay Photo Shoots online at

9518 Workhouse Way, Lorton, VA 22079