Touchstone Gallery | Rosa Vera Passageways

By East City Art Editorial Team on October 30, 2023

Wed, November 1 2023 — Sun, December 3 2023

Rosa Vera Lotus Fields V.  Image courtesy the artist.
Opening Reception: Saturday, November 4 from 4-7pm


The paintings in Passageways are a homage to local waterways. Vera paints the Anacostia and Potomac Rivers—reflecting their transformation and that of surrounding wetlands thanks to recent efforts to clean the water and build tunnels to absorb sewage spills.

Much of Vera’s recent work focuses on landscapes semi-abstractly depicting the beauty of nature. “Our relationship to nature is an ancient one and something which we have neglected,” says Vera. “Many of my landscape pieces are about my feelings toward local places: marshes, forests, rivers, and the sea. The wetlands absorb floods and provide nourishment during droughts and are vital to our urban areas. I look for the beauty in these waterways—while knowing the threats that are ahead.”

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