Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art COLLECTOR’S EDITION

By Editorial Team on June 26, 2023

Fri, July 7 2023 — Sun, December 31 2023

Hugo McCloud, take a seat, 2020. Single use plastic mounted on panel, 70 x 60 in. © Hugo McCloud. Photo by Jason Wyche, New York. Courtesy of Sean Kelly. Collection of Meredith and Brother Rutter

Collections can bring pleasure, satisfy curiosity, represent identity, mark moments in time, and create a legacy. There are as many reasons to create collections as there are people who have them. Museums like Virginia MOCA have a special connection to art collectors. They love people who love art and support creative culture. Purchasing artwork preserves our knowledge and values. It forms an exchange of ideas that stretch across the world into our most intimate spaces.

Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art is located at 2200 Parks Avenue, Virginia Beach, VA.