Studio 1469 | Charlie Visconage A Farewell to Charms

By East City Art Editorial Team on September 19, 2023

Thu, September 21 2023 — Sat, September 23 2023

WHAT IF IT WAS EASY?, Acrylic and house paint on stretched canvas, 20×16, 2023, Charlie Visconage
Opening Reception: Thursday, September 21 from 7-9pm

Charlie Visconage is thrilled to announce A FAREWELL TO CHARMS, the artist’s final solo exhibition in Washington, DC. The exhibition runs from September 21-22 from 7-9 PM and September 23 from 4-6 PM at Studio 1469 (1469 Harvard St. NW).

A FAREWELL TO CHARMS is Charlie Visconage’s exhibition of his artistic career thus far, featuring neon-drenched paintings of people and places. Psychedelic colors, a sense of fun, many thick layers of paint, and big block letters unite each piece in their aim to grab the viewer and never let go. Works will be available at a discounted rate only during the run of this show.

The exhibition also features THE WALL OF FRIENDS, a wall dedicated to one work each by Charlie’s friends and artistic peers, curated by Mike O’Brien. Participating artists in this section include Danny Cappello, Andrew Cohen, C.S. Corbin, Mike O., E$, Sarah Jamison, Anthony Le, Emon Surakitkoson, Rachel Wallach, and Ashley Jaye Williams.

Charlie Visconage (b. 1986, Baltimore, Maryland, USA) is an American self-taught artist. When other kids told him he was a “bad drawer” in school, he believed it for far too long. In 2013, a friend suggested he paint just for the hell of it, and Charlie found a new means of expression that he loved and hasn’t stopped painting since. Charlie makes landscape paintings, portraits, and sculptures. Charlie’s work focuses on capturing the darkly comedic moments of our time, finding joy in spite of the slow death of capitalism and the end of the American empire.

Charlie’s work has been shown in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area and internationally in Poland, Slovenia, and Japan. Every few years, Charlie recharges his creative energy with long-term artistic residency programs, including those in Slovenia, Japan, and Portugal. After living in DC for 13 years, Charlie is relocating to Portugal to live, paint, and ride waves.

For more information, please contact Charlie Visconage at Charlie’s work can be found @cavisconage on instagram and at

Studio 1469 is located at 1469 Harvard St NW.