Waddell Art Gallery Presents Peace & Identity Group Exhibition

By Editorial Team on September 25, 2018
Courtesy of Waddell Art Gallery.
Opening Reception: Wednesday, September 26 from 7pm to 9pm

In an effort to nurture peace, 27 painters and poets present a unique combination of art and poetry in a call and response between visual art and text.

Peace and Identity is conceived as an itinerants show intent on being a reflection of the impermanence of peace: a quest for the artistic community on the fragility of peace.

The theme presents a duplicity: Identity can become a strong hold for peace, or it can lead to conflict creating division and war. The sense of belonging and the consequential need to embrace an identity, be it social, racial, religious, or political, can generate conflicts between different people or groups if the diversity is not intended as a form of enrichment, but rather as an affirmation of a personal supremacy. On the opposite side, when diverse identities show acceptance, interest in interwoven relationships, and exchange experience, diversity becomes a great gift to nurture Peace.

Because we believe that diversity should be used to nurture Peace, the exhibitions are open to multiple artists: Painters, Poets, Composer, and Musicians. Through the cohesion of different art forms, this concept can be expressed at its best.

Artists are asked to create an art piece, a poem, a musical composition, to express their vision, hope, and emotions, in the wish to subvert the circle of hatred and spread Peace through diversity.

ARTISTS in the show:

  • Sandra Dovberg
  • Rosemarie Forsythe
  • Charlene Furman Shultz
  • Helen Goodrum
  • Lilya Greyson
  • Rudy Guernica
  • Karen Hutchinson
  • Patricia Macintyre
  • Antonella Manganelli
  • Mary Ellen Mogee
  • Alessandra Ricci
  • Jim Schlett
  • Melanie Stanley
  • Matt Pinney

POETS in the show:

  • Zeina Azzam
  • Steve Bucher
  • Drew B. David
  • Norman Dovberg
  • Stanley Galloway
  • Claudia Gary
  • Cahty Hailey
  • Lisa Malone
  • Mike Maggio
  • Susan Notar
  • John Shebalin
  • Jack Underhill


  • Brian Scarbrough
  • Tessa Elaina

Waddell Art Gallery is located at Northern Virginia Community College, Loudoun Campus at 21200 Campus Drive Sterling, VA. For information call: 703-450-2627 www.nvcc.edu/Loudoun/ArtGallery