WAS gallery Closing Party

By Editorial Team on September 11, 2019

Closing: Saturday, September 14 from 6pm to 8pm

“Thanks for participating at WAS gallery over the past (almost) 3 years. The best part of having a gallery was getting to know the DC art community a little better.

When I started at this current location, I never expected or intended to stay for almost 3 years. I was always told the building was going to be demolished. Alas, it still stands, but I’m ready to move on.
I feel the space supported my needs for a while, but now I need to look for a new venue.

I’ll always be thankful for the shows I had, for what I learned, and all the wonderful people I met, and I look forward to continuing my participation in the DC art community.

It was an amazing almost 3 years and 14 shows, which I am very proud of. To the artists I worked with, I say thank you for sharing your art and your professionalism. And to all the friends in the art community, thanks for the support!

For a last hurrah and a proper goodbye, please join me on Saturday, September 14 at 6pm for a gallery closing party.

Everyone is welcome!” – WAS gallery

Westwood Center II, Suite 208, 5110 Ridgefield Rd., Bethesda, MD