Washington Printmakers Gallery Presents Metamorphosis

By Editorial Team on March 9, 2021

Wed, 10 March 2021 - Sun, 02 May 2021

Flowers In A Tuscan Vase a watercolor and Carborudum Intaglio print by Nina Muys. Courtesy of the artist.
On View: March 10 – May 2, 2021

Flowers in a Tuscan Vase. Watercolor & Monoprint by Nina Muys
Washington Printmakers Gallery Presents

Washington Printmakers Gallery

Printmaking and Photography have long abided by strict rules, but no longer. Etchings, woodblocks and lithographs were usually created in multiples, exactly alike, then carefully numbered. In the late 19th century, “altered states” of a print were created, when an artist made changes to the wood or metal or stone matrix. Then successive prints were pulled, creating a new development in line or tone.

Photography had its origins in 17th c. with the Camera Obscura, famously used by Vermeer in his startling paintings which celebrated a new type of optics. Efforts to make an image permanent resulted in the use of light sensitive plates or film in the camera, invented in 1834. Later, chemicals such as sodium chloride or silver nitrate created new realities in the photograph.

Metamorphosis examines the ways in which printmakers and photographers are making use of new technologies in their works.

A printmaker may start with a classical drawing, then paint a version in color onto acrylic sheets which are then printed onto fine handmade paper. Collage elements may be added, or successive layers may be printed from other matrices. Some prints may find their way into artists’ handmade books.

Photographers may augment their work using digital means, or by printing on varying surfaces, from paper to metal to acrylic. They respect the history of their craft but use new methods to arrest the viewer. Their work may grow into a three-dimensional sculpture.

WPG is celebrating the magical transformation of springtime, positive change and new vistas. They are taking tradition and creating new realities with 21st century means, all the while respecting the disciplines from which they came.

About the Washington Printmakers Gallery
With over 30 years in the greater DC metro area, Washington Printmakers Gallery is a cooperative gallery located in the Book Hill section of Georgetown, Washington, DC. The gallery is the premier source for contemporary fine art prints and photography. Its members, exceptional local and national artists, exhibit regularly in group and solo shows. For more information – including gallery history and hours of operation, please visit www.washingtonprintmakers.com.

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Washington Printmakers Gallery is located at 1641 Wisconsin Ave. NW.