Washington Printmakers Gallery Presents Sally Canzoneri DC Deconstructed

By Editorial Team on December 3, 2019

Sat, 07 December 2019 - Sun, 29 December 2019

Sally Canzoneri, Women Demonstrators: 2017 & 2018, lenticular picture
Reception: Saturday, December 7 from 3pm to 5pm

Washington Printmakers Gallery presents DC Deconstructed, an exhibit of lenticular pictures and sculptural paper works by Sally Canzoneri. Lenticular pictures combine two images on folded paper so that the image viewers see from one side changes to a second image as they move to the other side of the piece.

The built and social environment of the District has been the subject of much of Canzoneri’s work, in her lenticular pictures and sculptural artist books. In these pieces, she takes apart past and present images of DC and reassembles them in new forms that engage viewers and invite them to reexamine the way the city is so often often characterized using paired terms — old/new, rich/poor, liberal/conservative, Black/white. Canzoneri’s techniques echo the approach taken by Jacques Derrida and other proponents of deconstruction aiming to undermine definition by opposites and the hierarchies embodied in them.

Sally Canzoneri’s art has been shown and won awards in numerous group and solo shows. The DC Commission on Arts and Humanities has recognized her as an Arts and Humanities Fellow and by adding her work to the District Art Bank Collection. Her work is also in private collections and in the Montgomery County Contemporary Works on Paper Collection.

On December 14,  from 4-7, Canzoneri will be in the gallery during Book Hill Holiday celebration and Georgetown Galleries Winter Art Walk.